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Hi guys,

I'm Adrian from Romania. I'd like to say a few words about me first: i am 33 years old and i work in construction. I am at work right now and I asked my boss to let me use his computer in order to leave this review because I don't have a webcam. I tried to record a video review but it doesn't work (I don't know why) so I will have to write a long one.
I started ebus because i really need some extra money. My wife and i have been really struggling financially lately. Romania is a very poor country and working in construction is not enough to support my family due to the fact that my wife is pregnant in 3 months and I will become a father in october. The doctors, tests and medication are killing that's why i am strongly motivated to list products everyday, i have listed more than 200 and started to make almost daily sales.
I know Barry said last wednesday during the Q & A that he doesn't want to hear nice things about you guys in the video review but i just can't help it. My wife set me a 300$ limit to start this bussiness and yoy guys were very understanding and sent me a non EU tax payment link because otherwise I would have had to pay more than 350$ and I really couldn't afford it. I really appreciate this kind of help because nobody did this for me before and I really didn't expect it so thanks again guys.
I really like your webinars, you made things very easy to understand from the beginning, you answered very fast to all my emails and helped me with all the questions i had, even when you were travelling to Vegas.
Serge's videos are great, it was quite easy to setup my ebay account and start selling.
I already recommended Ebus to a couple of my friends. One of them already joined Ebus last week. His name is Iulian Strajan. The other one will probably join in the next few days.
Now let's talk about the cons which are very few compared to the pros.
There are some issues with the Beglobal platform like the lack of pictures on some products and others could have better quality pictures, and maybe the categories could be a little more organised. At least in the collector's supplies category, that's what i am selling on ebay. There are also some products which can't be listed due to some errors.
However, i totally understand that this is a new platform and the people at Beglobal are constantly working to improve it, which cannot be done overnight due to the very high number of products. So hopefully, these issues will be solved soon and profit is just around the corner. I am thinking about opening another ebay account in order to sell products from another category because, like i said, we really need the extra cash and i have this feeling that Ebus is the best thing that happened to me and my family in the last few months and that this is the beginning of a good, profitable bussiness.
So thanks again for everything guys and looking forward to see you on wednesday at the next Q & A!


-- Adrian I

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