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As a lifelong skeptic of chiropractic care, I consider myself very fortunate to have found my way to Ramos Chiropractic Center. (Okay, full disclosure-my daughter dragged me there.)

I was slowly losing full mobility because of a few chronic issues that started out small, years ago and continued to grow bigger as I grew older.

When I also began to experience depression that was affecting every part of my life-but fully lacked the motivation to do start an exercise program or change my diet to make myself feel better-I recognized the need to take some action. I also knew that I didn’t wish to take a prescription drug to treat the depression; I am looking for a much more natural solution.

I honestly had an idea in the back of my mind that Dr. Ramos would take one look at me and tell me I was a hopeless case. Instead, he very quickly identified the issues that were bothering me at my first visit along with some others I hadn’t even thought to mention because I’d been living with them for so long they had become a part of everyday life.

24 hours later, after two visits, I was experiencing great improvement in the areas of pain and over the next week I was also sleeping better, already able to be more active, and certainly more motivated to make better food choices, all things that add up to a good foundation for working through the depression.

As I said, I was completely skeptical that chiropractic care could have such a significant effect in so many areas. The fact that I am already seeing a change gives me hope for the future, something I’ve been having trouble finding for awhile now.

Dr. Ramos is caring and interested in finding out what’s in what’s troubling you, and once he identifies it, he’ll continue to search for a solution. I highly recommend a visit with him, particularly if-like me-you need to learn more about chiropractic care and what it can do to improve your life.

-- Christi H

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