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I have seen results just from first month of service. ... See More


I will like to thank Brittany Harrison for such awesome job on getting my credit score up. The increase was unbelievable! Just when I was getting denied about trying to rent a home, I'm now receiving emails and phone calls on buying a home. Again thanks R R R Finance and Mrs. Harrison for helping me... See More


R.R.R. Finances has been working with me on cleaning my credit for 9 months. I have accomplish so much and even got another car with a low interest rate of 4.49%. I really want to say thank you R.R.R. Finances!😘... See More

Brittany is amazing all the way down to her customer service! She is very patient and down to earth. She also works with you. My credit score went up 66 points within a few months!! I would recommend her to anyone becuase she get the job done,you see results!! Its only the beginning for me. She is truly a life saver and woman of god !!

Dee Thompson gave R.R.R Finances LLC a 5 star review

Heyy guys just here to give a quick great view of this amazing wonderful woman...i must start off by saying At first i didn’t know what i was doing or what i was getting myself into but i must say from our countless conversations and her making sure i didn’t second guess anything brittney has been a credit angel she has been the only one to ever working on my credit.. she has been working on my credit for about 5 months now and i must say she is doing a amazing job from the start she is Very professional, Very Trustworthy, Keeps me updated, and you will see REAL Results!! I Would recommend her to anyone needing help building and fixing there credit... IT IS WELL WORTH IT !!

Brittany Patterson gave R.R.R Finances LLC a 5 star review

Brittney is truly heaven sent. I have been with her less than 2 months and my scores have went up almost 300 points. She is true to her word and she will not lead you wrong. A true honest and genuine person. Contact her now!

monnie milton gave R.R.R Finances LLC a 5 star review

I would highly recommend Brittany for all of your credit repair needs. Her service is amazing, she’s very professional, and responds quickly to all questions and concerns you may have. She’s the best!

Erica Wilborn gave R.R.R Finances LLC a 5 star review

Brittney is the best person to go to for credit help, at a very affordable price. She keeps you updated every month and let’s you know what is being done. You will see great monthly changes in your score as she works with you. I highly recommend Brittney for all your credit needs!

nykeria brown gave R.R.R Finances LLC a 5 star review
Erica Danielle Norman gave R R R Finances a 5 star review

Brittney is truly sent from heaven, personal and professionally. She will work with you, always positive, honest and encouraging. She been a blessing to me and I know she would be a blessing to you.

Patrice Hicks gave R R R Finances a 5 star review

My scores speak for themselves. I started out at the mid 500's less than 8 months from following instructions I'm now apart of the 700 club! GOD IS GOOD & SO IS THIS COMPANY!!

Darrol Harrison gave R R R Finances a 5 star review

I can't put into words how grateful I am to have come across this wonderful business. One day I was on Facebook and saw someone make a comment about Brittney's awesome business. So, I tracked her page down! That sounds kind of stalkerish (is that a word), huh? Anyway, after skimming over her page, and seeing all the positivity that it gave off-I sent her a message. I was a little hesitant and embarrassed at first, because my credit was not so good! After our first phone conversation, she Prayed with me, and we claimed it all done-In Jesus Name! Almost three months later, my credit is still climbing! I Thank God for Brittney and her awesome company, R.R.R. Finances LLC!!! She is a God-send!!!

Majesty Hartley Morris gave R R R Finances a 5 star review

This company has came along and changed my life for the better in so many ways. At first I was so worried because my score was so low and I had so much of stuff on my credit which had it down bad but she came threw for me she did absolutely everything that she said she would she keeps me updated on things and she also tell me other ways to help boost up my scores. My scores went up tremendously and are steady going up I'm just so excited and I would highly recommend this company to anyone that's looking for help on their credit or need it to be worked on

Temperance Fennell gave R R R Finances a 5 star review

I love this company i was so scared to start i was in the middle of preparing for surgery to have my baby girl and seen a post with this company for my agent brittany h about helping someone repair there credit an i kept telling myself imma start one day....but something told me to message her and im so glad i did it has been the best experience for me thus far i swear god couldnt of picked a better person or company for me to work with my scored dropped tremendously because of student loans so i was a bit discouraged but she has made this experience the best of 2017 my score already went up 44 points in a MONTH and actually woke up to another email today with a 8 point increase again im beyond happy trust me i cant wait to keep working and improving my score dont be like me and wait start now � ....i almost cried writing this ���

Layshia Williams gave R R R Finances a 5 star review
Bryant Bee gave R R R Finances a 5 star review

I started working with this company because I trusted the owner's vision. Credit repair was something I always considered, but failed to act on it for much of my young adulthood. With that in mind, She helped me start what I like to consider a lifestyle change. My short term goal was to get out of the hole I felt kept me from actually beginning credit building and she did just that in less than 60 days. Removing discrepancies, correcting inaccuracies, bridging gaps while also sharing with me the knowledge to do this myself. That is what makes this business credible for me. Faith based, compassionate and educational. I truly thank you and wish this company well.

Adanté Pratt gave R R R Finances a 5 star review

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