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My little dude is flourishing at PVMA. He surprises me everyday with how capable he is. Thank you!... See More

When we started our child at PVMA, every member of the staff welcomed us very warmly. They were attentive to our child's specific needs and worked with us to develop a transition plan that worked for everyone. Our child is thriving in his PVMA classroom, learning so much every day! It's clear that his teachers are invested in the school's philosophy and take great care with each child.

Jillian Davis gave Peaceful Valley Montessori Academy - Eden Prairie a 5 star review

My son started at Peaceful Valley Montessori Academy two years ago and my husband and I are so thankful that we found it! We toured several childcare centers before walking into PVMA and instantly knew this was the place for our family. The teachers used calm voices and spoke at the child's level, the classrooms were full of engaging activities and there were no toys with blaring lights and sounds to keep the children occupied. It was the first place we walked into that felt like a place we could call home instead of a center. Fast forward two years and wow has this place changed my life as well. I loved the atmosphere and Montessori philosophy so much that I left my business career behind to get a Montessori certification and become a Lead Teacher here! I can't recommend PVMA highly enough.

Amanda Joynes gave Peaceful Valley Montessori Academy - Eden Prairie a 5 star review

I work with well trained amazing teachers, assistants and aids each and every day who do what is best for the children. The owners and director have an open door policy for staff and parents and will talk about anything and everything. The building is beautiful and it is a joy to come to work every day.

Allison Polster gave Peaceful Valley Montessori Academy - Eden Prairie a 5 star review

Peaceful Valley is a truly wonderful education program. The owners, directors, and teachers are all warm, educated, and understanding. Peaceful Valley practices authentic Montessori method while also providing before and after school programs, summer program, and multiple extra curricular activities. I feel extremely privileged to be a part of the Peaceful Valley Montessori Academy community.

Ashley Yeates gave Peaceful Valley Montessori Academy - Eden Prairie a 5 star review

My daughter attended both the Eden Prairie and Golden Valley locations and the teachers are excellent! I can't say enough about the care and education she received! Thank you PVMA!!!!

Summer Picha gave Peaceful Valley Montessori Academy - Eden Prairie a 5 star review
Holly Swanson Recommends PVMA

so happy and blessed to be a part of a great community and so many amazing people who are so positive and kind. ❤PVMA

2 months ago
Megan McNeil Larson gave PVMA a 5 star review

PVMA is THE BEST. Our daughter has been there staring at 16 months and just turned 4 in August. The teachers, assistants, administrative staff and owners are all exceptional people. They give our daughter so much unconditional love while also reaching her new things - everything from language and counting skills to other skills that are just as important, like respecting others, being a kind human, and taking responsibility for her actions. This will be our last year at PVMA and I’m already sad about it! If you are considering sending your child(ren) here, DO IT NOW!

3 months ago
Andrea Miller Recommends PVMA

We bring our son here and everyday the staff is so upbeat and cheerful. The atmosphere is truly amazing and we are highly impressed and would recommend anyone and everyone to go here! So thankful we get to bring our child here.

5 months ago
Blake Podvin gave PVMA a 5 star review

We’ve had our son at PVMA since January and seen a huge change in his personality and development since! His teachers have been great and very open with their techniques in working with our son and he really seems to enjoy going every day!

9 months ago
Donna Catino Jensen gave PVMA a 5 star review

The owners of this center are amazing! They are so focused on what is best for their children and their staff.

10 months ago
Donna LaBate gave PVMA a 5 star review
11 months ago
Melissa Caron Semira gave PVMA a 5 star review
11 months ago
Jessica Miceli gave PVMA a 5 star review

We are very pleased so far with Peaceful Valley for our 3 year daughter. Even in just a few months we have seen significant improvement in her communication skills, willingness to share with her 20mo old brother, and delightful manners. We look forward to our son joining in the community in 2018.

1 year ago
Marlene LopezIbarra gave PVMA a 5 star review

Perfect atmosphere, guides , and attention to our infant . We are lucky to be here �

1 year ago
Claudia Suenaga gave PVMA a 5 star review
1 year ago
Sarah Samuel gave PVMA a 5 star review

Oh, where to begin? Peaceful Valley is a light in this world, and certainly was a light in my and my daughter's life. I toured multiple Montessori's before coming here, and after seeing Peaceful Valley I knew there was no place else for my 2yo. The rooms were clean, spacious, and interesting, and the children all seemed happy and calm. In fact, the kids were so calm I had to take a second to realize how many were actually in the room! And once she started I wasn't disappointed. She absolutely thrived there. I would constantly be surprised at home with new things she was learning, but more importantly I knew it was happening through play and having fun. All her teachers were amazing. Everyone I've encountered there is amazing. And as a newly single mom, I felt so welcome and supported. It really is more than a place you just drop your kid off; it's a community. I recently made the choice to relocate to CA for a job, and I can honestly say that the biggest reason I almost didn't take the job was knowing it would mean taking her out of Peaceful Valley. I truly believe what they have there is so special, and we miss them already.

1 year ago
Katie Hope gave PVMA a 5 star review

All three of my kids LOVE Peaceful Valley in Eden Prairie. The teachers have taken the time to know each of my kids as individuals. It is a warm and supportive environment, and the director and owners are extremely responsive. I've watched my kids change in many positive ways since starting here - and I know that they are receiving true Montessori instruction and tools. Plus - food and diapers are included, so that saves me a ton of prep time across 3 kids. Cannot recommend this school and it's community enough!

2 years ago
Annette Castellanos gave PVMA a 5 star review
2 years ago
Maggie Anne gave PVMA a 5 star review

PVMA is the perfect setting for a child to develop, explore, and interact during the most formative years of life. We are so impressed with our experience, and highly recommend PVMA.

2 years ago
Jessica Scheff gave PVMA a 5 star review
2 years ago
Brianna Johnston gave PVMA a 5 star review
3 years ago
Somer Kvale gave PVMA a 5 star review

PVMA has been such a gift to our family! We absolutely adore the entire staff and couldn't be more thrilled with our experience there. <3

4 years ago
Cassie Madsen gave PVMA a 5 star review
4 years ago
Eric Picha gave PVMA a 5 star review
4 years ago
Kami Jo gave PVMA a 5 star review
5 years ago
Brittany Kado-Spears gave PVMA a 5 star review

A wonderful place to send your children. My 2 boys attend PVMA and both enjoy it. They are learning to be independent and having fun! Plus we all adore the teachers!

5 years ago
Katie Tufford gave PVMA a 5 star review

We are so glad to have found Peaceful Valley Montessori just across the road! The teachers are wonderful, and my son is thriving with all the outdoor play!

5 years ago
Katie Doyle Wagoner gave PVMA a 5 star review
5 years ago
Summer Picha gave PVMA a 5 star review
5 years ago

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