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Great marketing tool, easy to use and very intuitive. Would recommend to any business needing more reviews, promoted and or exposures. Makes you look like a marketing Guru! Love it!


I am so impressed with the quality of the videos and the ease with which we can upgrade them. Also many choices are offered, it is really very interesting.
It's also my first chat experience with tech support and I think a lot of companies could learn from them. It's really nice to do business with... See More


If you ever thought about delivering real customer value - learn from Promo! I was looking for a way to create catchy promo videos fast, affordably and of high quality. It took me 15 minutes to create a video which generated thousands of views in a first week. The Promo team managed to create that s... See More


I made an amateurish mistake of not reading the details of the payment plans and accidentally picked a yearly plan while intending on securing a monthly. I went way over my monthly budget and immediately went to the in-app chat. Helga was awesome and sorted out the problem and changed my subscriptio... See More


Cudos to George and the Promo video support team overall! We have designed and published several videos and love them. Best of all the support team has been there for us every step of the way to assist and to listen to our suggestions for improvement to the editor as well. Keep up the great work and... See More


These guys were able to sort out my billing question in about 4 minutes, over the chat box. Was prepared to call in and talk to multiple people. Great systems, and the team is empowered to do the right thing, right now. A lot of organizations out there can learn something from this group.


Outstanding video selection! Can customize so many things. Really has had an impact on all my projects, both professional and personal! I love this! Thank you!


I am an administrator at a local real estate firm. Not super tech savvy, but LOVE using Slidely! Super cute videos that are quirky and different. Love how short they are and attention grabbing they are. We have gotten tons of positive feedback from clients on our videos. From a user's perspective, ... See More


Really enjoy the selection. Hope you will be posting more of the funny type videos for real estate.


Absolutely amazing. The videos are so great and easy to do, my customers love them! Customer service is second to none, I cannot believe how much they value their clients and do anything to put things right with them.


Promo by Slidely Is literally Awesome!! This website opened a new world to me! They are right when they say that once only Big corporations could effort a nice promotional video but today, thanks to they’re super work and great website it is possible for all business, big and small! The support is... See More


For a new brand building video assets can be really expensive and time consuming... but Promo makes it affordable, professional and really easy to use. There are so many brands using still images and even images with stickers to jazz them up.. but a video captures a larger audience and generates buz... See More


Promo has been incredibly helpful in our marketing efforts. The quality of the videos and music is great, and the ease of use is beyond what I expected. Looking forward to using Promo more this year.


Fantastic videos, great prices and a great site!

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