Precious Lambs, Inc. Early Childhood and Child Care Center

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A home away from home, love, genuine care, and a family setting are things money will never be enough to buy.

But, at Precious Lambs, Inc. Early Childhood and Child Care Center our son is comfortable, well taken care of, happy, learning, and loves his school life, and that's all that matters.

As the Dad of an only child, I cannot, at this stage think of a better place to enroll my son.

SJ, our heartbeat is now 15 months old and enrolled with Miss M, and the heaven-sent team at Precious Lambs soon after he turned the big one (1).

Prior to enrolling him at Precious Lambs, we had a problem finding the right institution with regards to location, pricing, and overall just the right fit for him, after all, he had been a stay at home baby his first 12 months.

And while myself as a dad, and his mom enjoyed every moment of watching him grow, become and learn, we knew it was time to let our growing lil caged bird go out into the world to literally find his voice, and feet.

So, upon comparing a handful of places, we're happy to choose Precious Lambs, and found that Shaynie was literally right at home, under the care of experienced, caring hands, and a dedicated staff who will go above and beyond to look out for his needs, and report any concern.

We are pleased that he was not lost in the system as he could be the case with other bigger/corporate institutions.

Instead, he felt like family right here, playing with other kids, his age and older, and being encouraged to be himself by the teachers and fellow parents.

We are thankful to Previous lambs for being his family away from home, and for calling to check on him when he doesn't show up at his usual time.

He is a handful we know, but Ms. M and staff have been doing a phenomenal job with our son, who in the last couple of weeks is even more eager to go to school, and hardly wants to leave in the evenings.

I can think of a number of special moments and things SJ has shared with Precious Lambs, including being his assistance to help him along the way as he started walking exactly after his birthday in October.

Thanks too, for helping through rough and painful teething while under your care.

We hear those words being pronounced clear and clearer each day which he is taught, and it is our great pleasure as parents while we work to see his videos and pictures while learning or doing his daily activities.

We miss him during the days, but honestly cannot think of anyone else who would care for, protect and keep him happy and engaged as your team.

We, simply put, don't know what we would do without Precious Lambs right now, because SJ quite literally jumps out of bed and looks forward to school each morning.

His mom, works in the City and do a daily commute of almost four hours, while i stay closer in Long Island for work, so Precious Lambs is literally his second home, and second family.

They take very good care of him, he has fun learning and it is beautiful to see our son blossom under your tutelage, Precious Lambs, Inc. Early Childhood and Child Care Center.

We look forward to many more years of happy memories!

-- Shayne F

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