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4757 Galendo Street
Woodland Hills, CA 91364
United States

It was a breeze working with Platinum Group. Bruce and the team go above and beyond to make sure that they help you work within your financing needs. I was able to both get over $50k in 0% financing, plus get it in cash; AND I worked with team to establish an Elite Trust to protect assets and it w... See More


Great people! I love them!


I bought two trusts from Platinum Financial Group. It was a fantastic concept yet took me a lot of thinking and learnings in order to make sure things were understood and done correctly. These won’t be made possible without the efforts from the team of the company. I was connected to the people th... See More


Hi my name is Crystal Smalls and I am a Real Estate investor. I have been a client of Platinum Trust Group for 7 months. As an investor in multiple states, this trust eliminates the need to form different entities for each property which is costly and tedious. This trust allows me to protect my asse... See More

Asset protection, legal tax reduction options - The team there are very professional. This will help defer thousands of dollars per year on taxes for decades - past my own lifetime. I recommend Platinum Trust Group.

Roger V gave Platinum Group, LLC a 5 star review
Dr.Gina Gaudio-Grace gave Platinum Group, LLC a 5 star review

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