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4201 Lien Road
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Kevin had a great experience with Phoenix Restoration Equipment

Kevin B

Daniel thinks you should try Phoenix Restoration Equipment

Daniel D

Innovative and well made.

Bob Pruitt

To be blunt, Phoenix dehumidifiers in my opinion are unmatched within the industry. There equipment is my go to when it comes to drying a loss or maintaining proper climate on a job site.

Whitney Wiseman

I like the equipment a lot!!!! Top-notch. It's easy to work on and you can get parts for them. It's made in America. This is what i used in my rent fleet.

Bob Chambers

Bobby Chambers

We have been to many water damage schools and exposed to different brands but have always used Phoenix equipment in our water damage company and been very happy. However we had a few dehus we purchased together a few years ago. For some reason out of our 25 dehus only these few developed leaks at the evaporator coils. Phoenix sent replacement parts under warranty and because of the unusual circumstances went above and beyond and reimbursed us for the labor also. Excellent equipment and excellent customer service that I would recommend to anyone.

Alan Falls

We can't thank you enough for your very generous donation of a Phoenix dehumidifier fo the Badger Prairie Needs Network in Verona. Humidity in our building was getting so high that we started to fear for the safety of the products in our food pantry. With your help, we are once again able to help thousands of families in our area who are struggling with hunger. We are now running at less than 50% humidity - and our air conditioning costs are going down. THANK YOU!

Marcia Kasieta

Effect , effective simple functional water damage equipment with great after sales service my whole fleet is Phoenix equipment because they the best in the market . Great job team Phoenix

Ivi Sims
Darryl Snyder
Tom Patnode
Larry Carlson

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