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Hi There I Received My First Bottle Of CONOLIDINE1 1,000 mg Today, I Have Been On Heavy Doses Of Morphine An Norco For Many Years Due To Fibromyalgia, Arthritis, Stenosis, An Multiple Knee Surgeries, I Didn’t Really Expect Much Having Tried Everything On Market Including CDB 1,000mg Oil An Nothing Worked Until I Took My First Doses Today, With 10 MINUTES My Back Pain From Stenosis Was 95% Relieved! I Thought It Was Maybe A Fluke? So I Took The Second Dose 4 Hours Later Same Results! Well I Just Took My 3rd
Dose Another 4 Hours Later An Same Results!!! Wow I Think I’m Am Convinced That It Is Working I might Have To Adjust the Doses As Explained If I Hope To Ween Myself Off My Prescription Pain Med And Pain Dr.! That Is My Wish to Replace Those Pain Drugs That I Have Been On Since Yr. 2000 Because We All Know That Over Time They Are Not As Effective, An Also The Pain Drs Cut My Pain Doses In Half Since The Governments War On Opid Drugs, I Believe The Drs Are Afraid To Lose Their Medical License, My Dr Said Feds Were Going Thru Clinics Files An Commenting On Medications! So I Believe That In The Near Future Unless You Have Cancer Or A Terminal illness you will not be able to get pain meds From The Pain Drs At Least In OK They All Seem Scared To Treat You! So I Am Hoping For A Long Term Treatment With This Medication And I Hope For Full Pain Relief Once I Get The Doses Down Correctly! But So Far I’m Astonished, Pleased and Praying for Long-term Relief!
PS I Order the New Pain Rub Cream today Too!
Thanks For Your Product! TJM

-- Tommy M

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