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Excellent communication, affordable pricing, reasonable time frames on the appointment and on time. Great experience and would highly recommend this company for your home invasion / raccoon in the yard issues.... See More


Hands down the best in service, expertise, fast turnaround time!! For all your squirrel control needs !!! Thank you Bob. ... See More


Jerry arrived and found the hole being used by the mice to enter my home. Once that was solved, the problem was rectified. Excellent service.... See More


Bed bugs be gone! I'm very happy with their service. Highly recommended... See More


Humane and impressive service. Bob has patience and was very gentle with the squirrels in my attic. ... See More


Great service and reliable. They educated me on the steps to control the spread of bed bugs. All while eliminating the problem from my house. Recommended.... See More


Other than arriving late (I know it happens sometimes), they definitely are professionals. Entry points were identified and the mice were eliminated.... See More


Glad I called. Experts at what they do.... See More


Awesome job and wonderful people.... See More


On time did the job professionally & they offer a guarantee should they need to return. ... See More


Great professional technicians. We were very happy with there timely response and knowledge of the skunks. I would recommend this company to all my friends!... See More


The prices are very reasonable and they are a great company to do business with!... See More


Signs of mice in my kitchen prompted me to call pest control Ottawa to solve the problem. I am now 4 months strong without any signs of mice. great service.... See More


Mice in the fall was an issue for us until now. Ken found the source of the problem and was able to seal holes which solved a portion of the problem. Since then, no sign of mice in the house...its been eleven months. thank you!... See More


awesome experience. problem solved. I recommend... See More


I looked everywhere to find the bed bugs in my bedroom without any luck. I called the exterminator pros and they quickly identified the source nest. They solved the problem after two treatments that were included in my package. Recommended. Thank you!... See More


The size of wasp nest was comparable to a football. Ron came the same day and removed it safely. I'm happy I called.... See More


My bed bug problem was getting serious so I had to call an exterminator. Joe came and serviced the house after a brief phone consulation. The process was effective and detailed enough to solve my problem. It's been 4 months and I haven't seen a sign of a bed bug. I recommend.... See More


Ants are an annual problem in my house. We tried dealing with it on our own but it hasnt worked. We called pest control ottawa and they arrived promptly. We will require additional treatments to completely solve the issue but their solid warranty makes the service well worth it. Thanks!... See More


Spring thaw and the ongoing ant problem continued for us. We called pest control ottawa and Bob came to my house on the same day. He treated the house and returned 30 days later as a followup. Problem is solved!... See More


I recently discovered a skunk under my porch. The smell was awful. I called and Chad arrived at my house later that day. He removed baby skunks and the mother and relocated them humanely. Great service.... See More


I had a squirrel in the attic of my house. I called George and he came to inspect and get the squirrel family out of my attic. Great service and I wouldn't hesitate calling George again.... See More


I had an ant problem at my rental property and called my go to pest control company that performs regular pest control at my other rental properties. Bill came and exteminated the ants from the house. The service was quick and effective as usual. Save your time searching and call them.... See More


Great service. They removed a raccoon from my home in ottawa. It was fast humane and affordable compared to other companies we called. I recommend.... See More


Bed bug removal service. They were very effective in solving the bed bug problem in my house. Extremely knowledgeable. Thank you!... See More


I contacted Mike based on his company's online reviews. From the moment we spoke he was knowledgeable and professional about how to solve the squirrel problem at my home. His technician was prompt professional and thorough. I'm glad I called.... See More


I called pest control ottawa to remove a squirrel from my attic. They removed the squirrel humanely by placing a one way door over the whole which allowed the squirrels to get out but not back in. Given that my wife is an animal lover I was happy that this method was used as opposed to some other wa... See More


A squirrel family moved into my roof and was causing serious damage. We searched online and found pest control ottawa. After reading their reviews it was a no brainer to call them to solve the squirrel problem. It took two visits but well worth the time. Squirrels are gone. Thank you!... See More


I discovered bed bugs after returning from vacation. I called pest control ottawa to solve the problem. The experience was superb and they're knowledgeable. Hopefully I won't need there services again. ..if I do, I wouldn't hesitate to call them again.... See More


I wanted to solve our ongoing mice problem. Finding the source of entry was my goal. I contacted Bill and he assessed the problem over the phone. When the technician arrived, he identified the source problem. It was sealed. Since then, there hasn't been any sign of mice in my house. I'm beyo... See More


Thank you Tom for your incredible professionalism in solving the squirrel problem in our attic. You were fast and got the job done. I continue to refer your companies services.... See More


I had no idea bed bugs could be this districtive. The technician found them in other areas of my house..not just my bed. Glad I called when I did. I recommend their service.... See More


The technician that came confirmed our bed bug problem. He treated the house twice and the bed bugs are gone. Thanks again.... See More


They came and removed raccoons from my attic. The raccoons were setting up a nest but they prevented that just in time. Glad I called. Good service.... See More


They removed a raccoon family from my attic. Great service. I recommend .... See More


The service man was professional and friendly. They did an amazing job with my pest problem and I would highly recommend them.... See More


Thanks for the fast removal of the mice. ... See More


Satisfied. Great service.... See More


Rat found in kitchen. Pest Control Ottawa came to my rescue. Rat problem solved. I recommend.... See More


Skunk removed from my backyard. It was under the deck with babies. Mike came and set traps and added a one way door. Great service.... See More


Great service, value and professional technicians. I recommend.... See More


My family returned from vacation and brought home some unwanted guests in the process.. .bed bugs! I'm was so scared but after calling pest control ottawa I was assured the problem would be solved. The technician Mike was sure right about that. Problem solved. Thank you!... See More


I discovered a cockroach infestation at one of my rental properties. I've used pest control ottawa in the past so I didn't hesitate to call them again. To no surprise, they were quick and prompt got the job done. Thanks again.... See More


I was experiencing a mice and roach problem in my kitchen. It got scary to make food in my kitchen without seeing a roach or mouse run by. I called pest control ottawa Inc at 7pm and surprisely they came in the next two hours. We opted to spray for roaches and seal the external homes to deal with t... See More


I had a mice problem last winter. After trying to deal with it myself, I couldn't take the scratching noises any I called Pest Control Ottawa Inc. They arrived the same day and got rid of our mice problem and provided a six month guarantee, I haven't seen the mice since.... See More

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