Pest Control Center, Inc.

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3845 Madison Ave
North Highlands, CA 95660
United States
(916) 344–4400

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We have used Pest Control Services for over twenty years. In the course of that time it entailed service in Rocklin, Sacramento, and currently Roseville. Through out this time the technicians have always been knowledgeable and customer friendly. For example our current technician Wesley ventured onto our roof last summer to resolve a wasp problem we were having. They had nested in our chimney and we're coming in the house through the fireplace. Spraying a wasp nest during the active part of the day on a roof means you have to be dedicated and pretty confident in what you are doing. There is no place to hide and it is pretty tough to run on a roof. If you are not into dealing with bugs I would highly recommend Pest Control Center. Ray E

-- Ray E

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