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This is the best 100 bucks I spent in my entire life! The values I get from this challenge is insane, easily 10x from the price itself! This challenge has pushed me to take actions, showing me what I need to do everyday so that I don’t get stuck in the middle, giving me all those headlines that ar... See More


I loved Peng Joon's style of training. We watched his selling skill live on us. This had a greater impact as far as learning the concepts. I would recommend his workshop for anyone who wants to learn and not only to those who wants to sell and make money.


I just finished the game changer intensive yesterday. I'm glad that I now have a map for online marketing and how to read it. With this, I will not be lost again.


I love Peng Joon because he is sincere and charming.


Hi Peng Joon, thank you for being so amazing and giving throughout this whole event. I’ve honestly really never signed up for anything like that, thank you for being so inspiring to me and many others. Continue doing the good work you’re doing- really thankful and appreciative of all that you’... See More


I loved Peng Joon because his books are full of insights and value!


The Videos challenge was a load of fun. After the challenge finished, I spent a couple of days redoing the videos and plan to start posting these for my business.

Thanks for inspiring me to start recording.


It was great reading Platform closing very useful and insightful book


I loved your webinar, Peng Joon, because it is reassuring and full of good value and insight. It is clear, straight to the point and I can relate to it even though I am a total beginner ! Thank you !


i was inspired by his video / class and interested in online marketing and become online marketer .His insight and content for online marketing would be useful and guidance for me .Thank you Peng Joon


I thought the Video Challenge was really valuable. Well worth doing and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to create video marketing. It was a bit of an odd finish though - a 2 1/2 hour webinar that didn't seem to say anything... I'm not sure what that was all for.


I took Peng Joon's Videos Challenge, and I would have paid 5 times more if I knew how much value I would get out of it. The return on investment is higher than what you would get from four years of college because Peng Joon teaches you how to make money while colleges do not. If you want to be chall... See More


VideosChallenge by Peng Joon is awesome ! A great phase by phase action plan led by Peng Joon’s quick daily tips and template given is practical for all platforms / industry 👍🏻

Aric Teoh Recommends Peng Joon

Awesome internet marketer. Proud of Malaysian.

10 hours ago
Eugene Harnett Recommends Peng Joon

Peng has mastered social media promotion and shares it. All the platforms. Insane really.

19 hours ago
John John Recommends Peng Joon


7 days ago
Ronald Kong Recommends Peng Joon

Very glad to have attended Peng Joons course. First of all Peng Joon is inspiring and hard-working and his insights are very valuable. Secondly I can safely say this course is worth it because what Peng Joon helps you discover will help you save so much time and headaches when doing an online business. If anything, I am much more committed now than ever to succeed with a clear goal and plan. Thanks Peng Joon!

1 week ago
Green Yip Recommends Peng Joon

Peng Joon has a lot to offer. He blew my mind away in the last 2 days Game Changer Intensive event with all the unique point of views that he has about (online/) marketing. All the things he shared were well organised, structured and practical which made it very easy to understand. He is definitely is one of the TOP marketers whom I have ever met; and he definitely is the ONE who is able to deliver his knowledge in such a systematic way, step-by-step that make it easy to put into action. I am glad that I spent this weekend to get the wisdom and knowledge from Peng Joon! Thank you so much Peng Joon!

1 week ago
Jazzdin Ahmad Murad Recommends Peng Joon

I just recently left my stable job in a pursue to be self employed, successful and most importantly, to be happier. This path I’ve taken is truly a leap of faith for me, not sure how to proceed or yet to even reach my goals. I was extremely glad I met PJ during the NAC talk (I didn’t know him before this btw). Signing up for his game changer event was kinda a gamble for me because I was clueless on internet marketing. I’m writing this now in the conference room of some fancy hotel finishing up game changer and feeling very hungry btw 😂 All I can say is that PJ was really clear with his explanations and he made everything simple for us by doing the “heavy lifting”. I was very glad to have attended this. Also now, I’m kinda excited that I don’t see videos and ads normally anymore 😂 cheers!

1 week ago
Joe Augustin Recommends Peng Joon

Peng Joon's approach to sharing strategic thinking backed up by his experience in the industry is truly amazing. Game Changer is a masterclass by a master practitioner of his craft.

1 week ago
Wong Li Chin Recommends Peng Joon

One of my inspired mentor in my life. Always giving away what he knows n had to us. Appreciate it and thank you, Peng Joon!

1 week ago
Simone Shaakira Lackay Recommends Peng Joon

There has never been a moment where I felt more able, empowered and supported to be successful and this is all due to Peng Joon and his team's products and delivery. Although I didn't come into the seminar with it all "figured" out yet, I now feel that I can do it. After gaining all this knowledge, insight and the tools, where Peng Joon has already done all the heavy lifting, it would be pretty stupid to not go out and implement. This is guaranteed! Super amped walking out of this room!

1 week ago
Jason Wong Recommends Peng Joon

Thankyou Peng Joon on your sharing of: 1. Automation 2. Processes behind these automations 3. Enlightened the camera-shy ones to start creating video contents 4. Role plays 5. 5 steps on creating our short videos Cheers!

1 week ago
Ollie Hon Recommends Peng Joon

Peng Joon’s Game Changer Intensive course was AWESOME. Loaded with practical information and insights that I can put to good use immediately. He has put so much into this course, with organized steps and instructions that it’s impossible not to take action after this. Peng Joon himself is a great speaker, super relatable, down to earth and quite funny at times. Can’t thank you enough for sharing what you’ve learnt.

1 week ago
Rachel Chey Wei Wei Recommends Peng Joon

Peng Joon is definately a person who we can learn and model from. He has an awesome mindset and great insights. Admire his spirit of determination and keep figuring solution out of the problems he face. Thanks for your words! I can do it and time will prove. ;)

1 week ago
Louisa Lee Recommends Peng Joon

Gamechanger Intensive is THE sales and marketing course that everyone should take. Came away with a way to systemise my business too. Peng Joon definitely over-delivered!

1 week ago
Muhamad Ashraf Recommends Peng Joon

Learnt a alot from Game Changer. Can wait to apply his teaching. Thank you for the wisdom.

1 week ago
Ky Tam Recommends Peng Joon

Great workshop and insights and very generous to give away many freebies!

1 week ago
Dika Andhika Recommends Peng Joon

attended the 2-day Gamechangers Intensive course. It has been mindblowing! The workshop is full of high-level strategies and not low level tactics. No more excuses in building my own business in my passions. Bonus: met new great friends!

1 week ago
Roy Lim Recommends Peng Joon

Mindblowing event, definitely a game changer and benefited so much from Peng Joon! Thanks for all the insights!

1 week ago
Ambrose Chan Recommends Peng Joon

Gamechanger was an excellent experience for me. Not only does Peng Joon breaks digital marketing into digestable bite sized pieces, he also shares some of the best practices when it comes to sales and engaging with your customer, which is essential to every aspect of life. Absolutely worth the time.

1 week ago
Khalid Bari Recommends Peng Joon

Hi Peng Joon, thanks for sharing valuable information during the Game Changer Seminar. Love every minute of it! I have attended many seminars doing the same old thing but you have introduced new valuable concepts to the marketing game. Truly awesome!

1 week ago
Mallikarjuna S Kaveti Recommends Peng Joon

I mark this day as another mindset shift. Glad to have had the opportunity attending PengJoon’s workshop. Sales an Marketing is approachable for IT professionals as well, guided by Peng Joon. Whether you sell or not. I recommend his workshop 🤝👍

1 week ago
Chiara Ghinolfi Recommends Peng Joon

Just finished Peng Joon’s Game Changer course in Singapore. I can confidently say that this has been the most amazing weekend Ive ever attended! full of discoveries that there is no way you can find anywhere else. If you are ready to create a business and you need workable, implementable and proven tools one of his courses is where you want to be!!!!!!! AWESOME! Take action now. If not now, when?

1 week ago
Maggie Cheang gave Peng Joon a 5 star review
1 week ago
Leon Tay Recommends Peng Joon

He’s really amazing. Systematic approach. Making what I used to think to be super tough, a whole lot easier. The sincerity and amount of information shared is mind blowing as I have never seen a speaker who is so willing to share and teach in such clear details and steps. Honestly, what is his brains containing? How can a man at his age be so incredible! Kudos Peng Joon!

1 week ago
Sherman Tay Recommends Peng Joon

The last two days at Game Changer Intensive Singapore was hands down the best. Peng joon has everything backed by actual case studies of what he has actually done. What he teaches is what he does on a daily basis day in and day out of his business. If you want to be the best, you have to learn from the best. Highly recommend Peng Joon if you want to take your business to the next level or even embark on the journey of online marketing.

1 week ago
Matt Kesby Recommends Peng Joon

Thank you Peng Joon! 2 days at the Game Changer Intensive in Singapore will be a defining moment in the next evolution in our businesses and lives! Mate, YOU ROCK! Here’s to your greatness, Matt Kesby and Fiona Kesby

1 week ago

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