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Peng Joon really understands how to run an online business!


My first step of success


Peng Joon's lessons in Platform Closing seem innocuous, but they really forced me to consider the ways and whys of how to successfully communicate to any audience. It was easy to flow from one story to the next to understand the importance of each section, and build upon each exercise until I felt l... See More


wow... amazing insights and strategies. I have already started implementing things I had never thought of before! Thanks Peng!!


I learned about new insights on closing. Thank you so much!


I have bought the v deo challenge, old school new strategy and Omnipresence Machine because Peng has opened my eyes to valuable ways of marketing. I have set up my diary for the 1am and 2am London time trainings he will do in June and July as I want to learn as much as I can from this great 'Master ... See More


The 21-day challenge is the best experience if you want to get started producing video content. It gets onto the saddle. The result after 3 weeks is just amazing. Forget about camera shyness, lack of ideas for your next video and I'm not even talking about the strategy. The challenge takes care of i... See More



At first, not gonna lie, I was a little out off by the simplicity of the book (as I tend to overcomplicate things) but, as I am launching into the creation of the videos this week following the steps in the book makes everything crystal clear and that is EXACTLY what I needed!

Thanks... See More


Randy Strongly Recommends Peng Joon

Randy O gave Peng Joon a 5 star Rating

Yo nunca había utilizado guiones y con el reto de los 21 días me vi en la necesidad de aprender a utilizarlo para poder enseñarle mejor a mis clientes


I have made the best decision to join the community of Peng Joon's program it's the whole next level and helped me to scale up business revenue in record time. Thanks, Peng Joon for the realistic solutions to every problem we have discussed in the Masterclass.


I love this book it made everything so simple to figure out


I I'm having an extraordinary experience!


It is mind-blowing on the ABC method!
A dummy like me, found that it is so easy to understand with the systematic steps and examples.
Peng Joon is a RARE SPECIES. He is the LEGEND in what he does.


I loved the Old School New Strategy session and it provided great value. Loved the messaging part.
I also attended the ABC event but honestly, the ABC event was mostly a repeat of OSNS. It wasn't much of a value add for me.
I thought we would learn in more details on affiliate marketing traffic to... See More


I am LInda Wheeler, founder of Mindful Alignment with Linda. My work requires me to talk and present to groups of people, sometimes as many as 200 people. That is my comfort zone. Creating videos is something that I have not had much experience with. The 21 Day Video Challenge has helped me to b... See More


Anybody who wants to know how to monetize social media needs to learn from Peng Joon. He's a master at breaking down the process, so that you become great at creating, shooting, and posting videos that will help you attract your future clients. No joke. If you're serious about building your audience... See More


Peng Joon made helped me craft a wonderful collection of videos for my content marketing, I am a beginner and did not know from where to begin. Peng helped me understand how important one good ad or one good content is. Thank you so much :-)


I can't believe I made all 21 videos. I learned a lot through doing so many videos consistently. Peng is a master and gives great feedback on videos that help you to improve as you go a long. There's a big difference between the first and the last videos. Thank you!


Great experience with the 21-Day Videos Challenge. Learned how to develop my own process of creating videos as well as finding topics which my audience would be attracted towards.


I am someone who always want to create videos on social media to help me generate more leads and grow my business. But I never get it done because I don't know what to say on camera. But, with Peng Joon 21 days videos challenge, it help me to understand in-depths how to craft my video scripts st... See More


Thank you so much Peng Joon for sharing in-depth knowledge that he know to all of us selflessly. During the ABC training, He also make sure all his students are understand and knowing how to applies ABC method on the spot. I'm glad that I have attended training and its brain fries for me and appreci... See More


A truly amazing,knowledgeable and inspiring speaker that is a genius in marketing . Grateful to attend his event and make this experience a part of my life.


I am TOTALLY convinced within my own self that this is what I needed in my online business that Peng Joon is the man that's going to take me to my 1st Million Income Generated in online sales through his unique system. More important for me is that so many of my people will now win in my Network Mar... See More

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