Parker Wellness Center

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7200 E. Hampton Avenue
Denver, Co 80224
United States

gave Parker Wellness Center 5 stars


I am 13 years old and ran into a wall during gym class. I got a bad concussion and went to Dr. Parker's office because of the concussion, he did multiple diferent things to me to figure out what was specifically wrong with me. After he knew what was wrong with me he used infared lights to increase the blood flow in my head. I was able to go back to phisical activity in only one weak and my dizzyness went away really quickly. My pediatrition also said just to rest which did not seem like a great plan of action and Dr. Parker came up with a real plan to take which payed off and helped me alot. I had a friend who got a concussion and he was not able to do activity for about 3 weeks so I am very lucky to have gone yo Dr. Parker to cut down my concussion from a guessed three to four weeks to one or two.

-- Siven G

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