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7200 E. Hampton Avenue
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As a dentist who's had multiple sports and martial arts related neck trauma, I began experiencing shoulder pain a few years ago. I'd had a traditional chiropractor, but as my pain continued to spread, I began experiencing headaches as well. Finally in 2017, I began getting tingly numbness in my right hand. Thinking I was doomed to need surgery, I tried Dr. Skylar Bakko on a friend's amazing testimonial. Here we are perhaps 6 months later, and I just told Skylar I never thought I could feel this good again! My finger numbness is gone, and I no longer need a massage every 7-14 days to continue working. I've seen Dr. Parker when Skylar was out of town and he's also incredibly skilled. If I have a patient who requires chiropractic care, this is the place I urge them to go. Skylar and Jeff are awesome. In an age where many patients (myself included) have experienced a perpetuation and degradation of their conditions under the care of an expert, it's uplifting to find doctors who can put an end to the madness and help you usher in your long lost comfort. They are healers of the highest order, I give them my highest Recommendation.

-- Yuki D

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