Parker Montessori

10750 Victorian Dr
Parker, Co 80138
United States

Great Montessori School with Loving & 10+ yr Experienced Teachers This is the right school for us and we are so happy we found Parker Montessori. Our daughter is in the toddler room and loves it. She comes home with new words, new skills (cutting vegetables) and has learned toddler manners (no spitting or whining). Our teachervhas been teaching for over 10+ years and is exactly the person you trust with your little one. When we arrive, our daughter immediately engages with the children and hugs the teachers, which warms my heart and makes me feel good about leaving her to go to work. The classroom itself is always clean and organized and refreshed with daily learning curriculum. The outside play area is perfect. They have several shaded tents, a garden, bicycles to ride and tons of space. We look forward to many years with Parker Montessori.

Lauren DiMartino gave Parker Montessori a 5 star review

Parker Montessori was a great decision. My daughter has been attending since she was about a year old, so a 4 and a half years now. From the very beginning, she blossomed within the program. This is so much more than daycare, but is truly an educational institution! I believe that the staff at PMEI have been fundamental in instilling a deep love of exploration and learning as well as developing leadership and independence.

Heather Aley gave Parker Montessori a 5 star review

We love Parker Montessori! Both kids started in the infant room with Ms. Sunita and she is the best!

Lindsay Ruddock gave Parker Montessori a 5 star review

This place is awesome My daughter has learned so much in such a short amount of time. Ms. Sunita and the rest of the infant room teachers have done an exceptional job in taking care of my daughter. They have also taught my daughter how to communicate to me using sign language so I know what she is asking for. They have also taught her how to eat by herself as well as drink her milk and water without any assistance. My daughter also seems to be very social and loves learning and the teachers never stop teaching. I know my daughter is treated well because when I come to pick her up she never wants to leave and she always has a smile on her face. I also love the fact when I go pick up my daughter I am given a quick run down of her day and I also love the daily pictures that are sent to me. As a mom who has gone through the Montessori program I would not hesitate to have my daughter follow in my foot steps as I believe in the curriculum and I know that it will help her in the journey through grade school and higher education.

Almita Patel gave Parker Montessori a 5 star review

We enrolled at PM when our oldest was 6 months old into the infant room. The room was large, bright and clean and mostly every time we entered into the room, none of the babies were crying. Miss Sunita was transitioning into the lead teacher at the time when she started. Over the time our daughter spent in the room we found that Miss Sunita loves every baby like they are her own. She helps guide them to reach their important milestones (crawling, walking, etc.) as quickly as possible and is also very proud of them (and herself and co-workers) when they do reach them. She will likely call you to share or snap a picture! She is very caring and also very strict with schedules which has been a nice change for a mom who isn’t good with them! The babies come home content, well-fed and well taken care of. We have since had another child who is in the infant room as well and knowing that Miss Sunita was there made it so easy to drop him off and have peace of mind that he will do great. He is a challenge to feed and she and Miss Tess have been nothing but patient in making sure he eats all of his bottles even though it may take a full hour. We are very appreciative of the great teachers in the infant room! Our oldest is in the toddler room now and we have loved all of the teachers as well. We are constantly amazed at how much she is learning and she also seems to love being at school. We are also very appreciative of Miss Elizabeth, Miss Janet and all the other teachers who take care of her.

Kristin Taylor gave Parker Montessori a 5 star review
Ronni Matheke Miller gave Parker Montessori a 5 star review
Leza Morosini Spencer gave Parker Montessori a 5 star review

The Heart of Parker Montessori is EXCELLENCE. Not only is the staff and leadership of this "beacon of HOPE' representative of Academic rigor and excellence but one of generosity and love, inclusive of the community they serve. This past month adopting Palmer Elementary School in Denver giving to families in need we had a "Giving Tree" for top families in need. Parker Montessori partnered with us and gave above and beyond to bless these families in need. Thank you for your deep level commitment to ALL children and families reaching their highest potential. A bright example of wholistic education building a bright future for humanity.

Jan McManus DiSanti gave Parker Montessori a 5 star review
Dawn Brown Robinson gave Parker Montessori a 5 star review

My daughter loves school, her friends and her teachers! We love Parker Montessori :)

Jess Malerbs gave Parker Montessori a 5 star review
Pat Peddycord gave Parker Montessori a 4 star review

Just came back from Ms.Gina's parent education class at parker Montessori. It was really good. Got a lot of inputs which, I hope, will definitely going to help me as a parent. Thanks Ms.Gina and PMEI. Happy to be part of this family.

Jayanthy John gave Parker Montessori a 4 star review
Andrina Starika gave Parker Montessori a 5 star review
Audra Ritter gave Parker Montessori a 5 star review
Nova Thompson McCaugherty gave Parker Montessori a 5 star review
Elizabeth Goodhue Banwart gave Parker Montessori a 5 star review
Andrea Gibbs gave Parker Montessori a 4 star review

Best choice! My kiddo has been at Parker Montessori since she was about one (she is almost 6 now) and from the start, she has thrived. The hands on,... more

Heather A. gave Parker Montessori a 5 star review

Our daughter loves Miss Sunita and Miss Tess. Even though Miss Cameron is new, she is extremely caring and sweet to all the babies. Ms. Sunita is the lead... more

Dipika B. gave Parker Montessori a 5 star review
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