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Hello My baby was 6 months old since she is going to Parker Montessori- Daisy room. As first time parents, it was a tough decision to send our child to daycare. We heard a lot about kids getting sick, not eating properly etc from our frds. We visited a lot of day cares before finalizing Parker Montessori. I think that has been good decision we have taken for our child.I can see that my child enjoys her day there and eats well.

Abhishek Jain gave Parker Montessori a 4 star review

My son attended Parker Montessori and has aged out of the school, but misses it very much. He left Parker Montessori with a level of math and reading that was far beyond what most fellow new students at his new school had. He is testing above the 90th percentile on all his standardized tests. THANK YOU PARKER MONTESSORI for teaching our son so much.

David Fisher gave Parker Montessori a 5 star review

We have been attending Parker Montessori for 10 months now and absolutely love it. The infant room is such an asset to this place as the room is large, has equipment to help the infants learn to be individuals early in life, and doesn't have bouncers that would allow the teachers to just leave your child in a seat all day like other places we visited. My daughter started in the infant room when she was 6 months old and within a week started crawling. She is now 17 months old and has grown to be an independent helpful individual. She helps me put groceries away, put her dishes in the dishwasher, and put her shoes and jacket on. Ms. Sunita, the infant head teacher, is pretty amazing at her job. She has the classroom system down, which you usually wouldn't expect until the kids are older and can follow instructions, but she is able to get under 16 months old to stop, listen, and follow instructions. When I come in the classroom in the morning, drop off is so organized and she has my daughter sitting at the table eating breakfast before I even leave which helps with the transition as she just waves goodbye as I walk out. Ms. Sunita cares deeply about each of the children and is focused on getting them ready to be successful within the toddler classroom so the transition is as smooth as possible. I cannot thank Ms. Sunita enough for all she is done. I also want to thank Ms. Tess and Ms. Kathleen. The three of them keep the classroom organized and running smoothly. I showed up one day at nap time and couldn't believe the three of them were able to get all 10 kids down around the same time which allowed each child to get a good nap without being disturbed. I am a working mom who was happy going back to work knowing how great my daughter was being taken care of and how much she was developing. Consider this place if you have an infant you are looking for care for.

Ashley Jackson gave Parker Montessori a 5 star review

As I was getting ready to return to work and looking for someone to care for my three-month-old son, so many of the places that we toured left me heartbroken; small spaces with no natural light and worn-out toys. When I walked into Parker Montessori, it felt like coming home. Everything was open and light and beautiful. The infant room is a lovely space with large windows, wee furniture that is just right for the little ones, and beautiful toys in natural materials. My son has been with Parker Montessori for almost a year, and we have been delighted with our experience. His teachers clearly adore him and I've never hesitated to leave him in their care. When I go to pick him up, he is often having such a a good time with his teachers and his friends that he doesn't want to leave. My only complaint is that they're so far away from where we live, but that's hardly their fault. We certainly have closer child care, but the environment and attention at Parker Montessori make it worth the drive.

Marisa Ebers gave Parker Montessori a 5 star review

I am usually not to indulge in superlatives and take the time to write reviews, however this educational institute has reached beyond our expectations and deserves for the community to know about it. Our son has entered the program as a two year old and is now well over four. We can't stop being amazed at the learning progress, discipline and positive changes we see in him every day. The kid loves to go to school and even if we were both home taking care of him full time time we couldn't have given him all he has assimilated getting his education from both Parker Montessori and us parents. The staff is amazing and they have worked with us in everyway to make us feel really comfortable having our son there. I strongly recommend it.

Strong Contractors gave Parker Montessori a 5 star review
Ronni Matheke Miller gave Parker Montessori a 5 star review
Leza Morosini Spencer gave Parker Montessori a 5 star review

The Heart of Parker Montessori is EXCELLENCE. Not only is the staff and leadership of this "beacon of HOPE' representative of Academic rigor and excellence but one of generosity and love, inclusive of the community they serve. This past month adopting Palmer Elementary School in Denver giving to families in need we had a "Giving Tree" for top families in need. Parker Montessori partnered with us and gave above and beyond to bless these families in need. Thank you for your deep level commitment to ALL children and families reaching their highest potential. A bright example of wholistic education building a bright future for humanity.

Jan McManus DiSanti gave Parker Montessori a 5 star review
احمد رشيد عزيز gave Parker Montessori a 5 star review
Dawn Brown Robinson gave Parker Montessori a 5 star review

My daughter loves school, her friends and her teachers! We love Parker Montessori :)

Jess Malerbs gave Parker Montessori a 5 star review
Pat Peddycord gave Parker Montessori a 4 star review

Just came back from Ms.Gina's parent education class at parker Montessori. It was really good. Got a lot of inputs which, I hope, will definitely going to help me as a parent. Thanks Ms.Gina and PMEI. Happy to be part of this family.

Jayanthy John gave Parker Montessori a 4 star review
Oliver Redmond Coleman gave Parker Montessori a 5 star review
Andrina Starika gave Parker Montessori a 5 star review
Audra Ritter gave Parker Montessori a 5 star review
Nova Thompson McCaugherty gave Parker Montessori a 5 star review
Elizabeth Goodhue Banwart gave Parker Montessori a 5 star review
Andrea Gibbs gave Parker Montessori a 4 star review
Megan Underwood Christian gave Parker Montessori a 5 star review

Both our children have attended Parker Montessori, our youngest still is, and it has been a great experience. Our son graduated from Parker Montessori and... more

David F. gave Parker Montessori a 5 star review

As many of the other reviews, we can't say enough good things about Parker Montessori. Our daughter is 4 and has been at Parker Montessori in Ms. Dee's... more

Paul B. gave Parker Montessori a 5 star review
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