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The bottom line is that this changed my life because I don't have to worry about bald spots anymore. I don't have to spend extra time brushing my hair... my confidence has had a major boost. If you're debating it, DO IT!

It's painful and then leaving the ink in your hair for 5 days each time sucks but it's 100% worth it.

I will say that the first session, Samantha used a dark brown color that was far more realistic and the second time, it was way too black. So the areas that had dark brown look 100% natural and then I have these little clusters of black that look like ink spots on my scalp. I still didn't take a star off because she still did a great job, nobody can tell but me, and she asked what color I wanted and I said I trusted her. I did tell her however in the second session that I was worried it was too dark but trusted her judgement.

Advice: - SPEAK UP ABOUT THE COLOR DURING THE APPOINTMENT, I really regret not being insistant on her making it more brown the second time. If I had, she would have switched it.
- Because Samantha is a perfectionist, she runs late! So factor she may be a few minutes late for your appointment and your appointment will probably go over (but that's a good thing because she cares)
- invest in cheap dark sheets. I ruined a really pretty set of pillow cases and it won't really come out in the wash, matter of fact, make sure you wear dark colors to the appointment too!!
- During my consult I was worried about cleanliness because her office is small and there is a lot of stuff but trust the other reviews: she’s super safe and clean and sets up her station extra well for each session and cleans up extra well too!

-- Julia L

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