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Loved brimhall homecoming


I had total reconstructive knee surgery in 1982. Since then my knee constantly hurt. Sometimes it was a dull ache and sometimes it was pure agony, but it always hurt. I was unable to participate in activities I enjoyed. I started taking Optimal Chronic a few weeks ago. The change has been phenomenal... See More


I have tried many products from different companies such as designs for health, ortho molecular, NuMedica, metagenics to name a few and all of them paled in comparison to OHS products. More than 95% of my patients respond favorably to their products and they cost 66% cheaper too. Their products will... See More


Great presentation today at Brimhall.
I enjoyed the topic and the content was good.


Great whole food nutrition philosophy that makes real sense! The right ingredients in the right ratio and the right form. I like!


We have been using OHS products in our office for the past 3 years with phenomenal results. These truly are top of the line products.


Thank you so much. Loved the talk. Clearly explained and squeezed what could be an hour and a half lecture into one hour. Looking forward to more.

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