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The Indows product comes in several grades which are mostly a difference in thickness. They are designed to essentially be a "third pane" by leaving an air gap between the inside surface of your house window and the Indow insert that is pressed into place by a perimeter of soft silicone type gasket. The Indows are not sound proof, but are rather draft and noise reduction inserts. The Indows are straightforward to insert and remove, but somewhat fiddly in that they fit snuggly--which is necessary for the best seal. You cannot open your windows with the Indows in place, so if you want open windows part of the year, you'll need to remove the Indows and store them. If you plan on having open windows part of the year, I recommend you get their storage covers as the Indows are plastic and can scratch.

The Indows do noticeably reduce noise, and without doubt my house is quieter--but one always hears the jets when they fly near my development, just not as loud. When it happens to be quiet outside, your inside will be "library" quiet, but if your outside is particularly noisy, you'll still hear noise, just not as much as you normally would. Ray may have mentioned I live in the Verrado area, which is on the west edge of the noise maps from Luke. Your realtor will have provided you with the noise maps, so you can know what to expect. Depending on where you live in PebbleCreek, you may or may not be on the East edge equivalent to my being on the west edge of the noise map.

The Indows are not cheap. You pay extra for the "Acoustic Grade" versions, which are approximately 3/16" thick. Standard Grade is about 1/8" thick. I bought them for both the extra insulation they provide as well as the acoustic dampening. I did my entire upstairs save one small bathroom window I wanted to remain capable of being opened.

I have no complaints from Ray's company, and his customer service is excellent. Note, there is a fair amount of custom measurement required, as each Indow is custom fit to each window (and are labeled as such) and not interchangeable. Also, be aware that they need some space between any venetian blinds and the windows themselves. I was fortunate in that I had sufficient space between my wooden venetian blinds and my windows. The Indows slipped into the gap without much difficulty. Ray will check for clearance, but you should make sure everything has adequate space.

Michael R. McGuire

-- Michael M

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