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Ninjacators have proven themselves to be not only leaders in the financial trading field developing fantastic systems to help the retail trader make money from a very challenging field, but leaders in customer service. Support for their systems and packages is extremely timely and always available, even if you are a customer elsewhere in the world. Their technical expertise in support is second-to-none and of huge benefit to the newcomer to trading who wants proven systems but are reticient in investing in technical systems for fear of their apparent complexity. The systems that Ninjacators offer have proven track records and have the potential of rewarding customers who invest in thier trading and exploit these systems to their full intent. Finally, Ninjacators customer services are tremendous in their professional courtesy, integrity and help. I have always been reluctant to purchase systems and indicators from companies in general because I have read so many negative experiences from traders who have found their purchased indicators not to have fulfilled their expectations and have returned them, only to be informed by said companies that they will not honour their money-back claims. If you go online and do a search I am sure that you will discover numerous companies who have short-sold their trading customers. Such companies should be avoided at all costs. Unlike Nijacators who have proven themselves to be the leaders of the trading pack, where professionalism and integrity matter. I had occasion to return a system to Ninjacators (I hasten to add that the reason was nothing to do with the system itself which I was reluctant to return because it would have proven beneficial to my trading), but I found that Ninjacators refunded my monies immediately without a quibble. How is that for first class customer service? Trust and integrity are very important assets in life and none so more than for times when you have to part with hard-earned cash for products. And on those few occasions when you have to return a product it is so important to know that you are dealing with a reputable company who honour their customers and products. Nijacators is one such company that leads by example and by its professional products and its customer service. Special thanks to Bill of Technical Services, whose technical expertise is second-to-none when it comes to trading systems and whose help was fantastic when I needed it. And special thanks also to Julia of customer services at Ninjacators who is simply fantastic when it comes to dealing with customers and ensuring that Nijacators remains in the front when it comes to the trading market. Thank you all at Ninjacators!

-- Clive P

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