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I am a fairly experienced trader, but always looking for ways to hone my skills and to add new strategies to my arsenal.

+ Kyle obviously knows his stuff and it shows. His description of the trade setups including examples makes it clear to the viewer.
+ The sessions are not rushed and there is no "Clock Watching". The sessions certainly gave us our money's worth.
+ Kyle is a quick thinker and it is obvious that he has a lot of variables that he considers during each trade. He does a good job of telling us What he is looking for and pointing out the pitfalls that could be lurking.
+ The Risk discussion was very useful, especially for Newbies. Pointing out that one could use the Micro contracts to help manage Risk was exemplary. I have rarely heard anyone mention that in a futures trading webinar before. Great Job !!

Areas of Improvement:
+ It would be helpful if Kyle would more fully explain how to "Squeeze as much profit out of the trade that you can". An example trade where you show incremental profit taking and stop adjustments would be beneficial. I would add this to the PDFs.
+ Speaking of the PDFs, I believe that you stated this is the first time presenting this workshop, but I was expecting more from the PDFs and they were only marginally helpful. I would suggest adding more slides containing Step-by-Step trade examples in addition to the Overview and initial setups. I would be happy to provide you with an eBook that I put together on some of my favorite patterns for trading futures as an example.
+ The PDFs should be included in the original charge for the course unless they are substantially improved to add more content. As they exist, they are only a very brief discussion of the trade setup and not much on how to manage the trade.
+ You may cover this by the end of the week, but an explanation of how to decide which strategy to use and when would be useful.
+ I suspect that you are using rough "Rules of Thumb" when deciding on the amount of Risk to take on each trade, but actually doing the math for at least one example on Day 1 would be very useful for those who are unfamiliar with the concept.
+ You mentioned that there were numbers of ticks risk that you would recommend folks start with in each instrument and even said you would post something for the attendees. However, as far as I know, that has still not been created and posted after 3 days.
+ The discussion of "Adding to a Trade" needs to either be removed from the presentation (you did say that it is NOT recommended for Newbies) unless there is going to be a more detailed discussion of what variables need to be considered.

Feel free to contact me If you would like to discuss any of my Suggestions.

-- Steven R

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