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Informative and valuable for my money


I haven't been able to evaluate the programs yet, but my emails have been answered promptly. So far, so good.


Just bought the Click Trader tool from Ninjacators.. As I have been missing lots of trades because I was too slow to place an order... by the time I selected the order by Right Click-> Select Order Type - Place Order... market already gone. With this tool, it is just 1 click away to place an order. ... See More

Fodil M

Bart Strongly Recommends Ninjacators LLC

Bart B

Very helpful team. Intelligent all around and always upbeat


Ninjacator has a wonderful Support department. So much better than most and definitely better than Ninja Trader. Call or write and same day help. Just purchased Z and scanner. Getting it set up and looks like will be very helpful. Using Sim today 88 ticks profit.


My experience with Ninjacators has been very positive. The service members respond quickly and with answers.


Ordered the Strike Package on a special discount price of $347. This was just a few days ago, so I am still experimenting with the settings and trying trades in SIM mode. The order process and download/install was seamless. There are several programs in this package. I am most interested in the ... See More


William LOVED Ninjacators LLC

William S

Outstanding customer service that gives you the ability to try out different programs helping to develop my trading style. The programs I bought give me more confidence to make trades while minimizing risks.


Christopher enjoyed the experience with Ninjacators LLC

Christopher W

Outstanding customer service. I am amazed at the product line for Ninjacators & I recently joined their IOMC. That's right, an indicator each month to see if you if it is a fit. Their guarantee, purchase that indicator and test drive it for a month & if you are not satisfied, they will replace it wi... See More


the follow up is always genuine and always appreciated- thanks, jim


DOLORES suggests you use Ninjacators LLC

Dolores G

Mary suggests you use Ninjacators LLC

Mary F
Harry K

Your videos show no signal need when price hits the zone, but I've found when trading in SIM the results are much better when I wait for a signal. Will continue trading in SIM until I've got 100 trades and are making profits.


I have been extremely happy with Robot Lab and am very grateful to have found them. I started trading a live account in September on a small portfolio with 1 micro on each bot and am now up over 5K with a relatively small draw down. I have not done any intervention with the bots. I just turn them on... See More


after a bad start when despite requesting a call at 3.0am New Zealand time Riccardo called at 2.0am NZ time. For this he can be forgiven as at 10.oan EST NZ 10.0am I received a call from Michael Kaminski. Fantastic is the only word. The block I had was minor as I had no experience in adding indicato... See More

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