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Ninjacators programs are great value for money. First class Customer Service and Support Team . Highly recommended.


Ninjacators LLC got a great recommendation by Kieran

Kieran O gave Ninjacators LLC a 5 star Rating

I have the Volume profile that I use every day and love it, it’s very versatile. I would recommend Ninjacators for their indicators!!!


I love Ninjacators!! My experience with them is phenomenal. My very first free indicator was the Supply and Demand Zone indicator and it has been working great for me. I bought an indicator and decided to replace it with another in a couple of weeks and the transaction was seamless!! It was replaced... See More


Kevin enjoyed the experience with Ninjacators LLC

Kevin D gave Ninjacators LLC a 5 star Rating

Jim suggests you use Ninjacators LLC

Jim W gave Ninjacators LLC a 5 star Rating

Very prompt response and solve issue very quickly.


High quality indicators that work as expected in the Ninja platform. I appreciate the high quality that I can rely on. The free, public indicators available in forums can't be relied upon when you're trading real money. I highly recommend Ninjacators to friends.


They were very helpful and got back to me really quick

Curtis W gave Ninjacators LLC a 4 star Rating

I Am Very Happy I Discovered Ninjacators With That I Have Purchased Several Courses One Of Which Is The Flagship Nasdaq Course Along With Quick Strike And Trading The News Also Early Entry And The Scalping Course..As You Can See I Have Pretty Much Bought The Store. I Am Taking My Time For Each Cours... See More


Efficiency, quality and prices


The Iceberg Orders indicator is unique and gives reliable signals at times. Good job and great idea.


The purchase was quick and the customer service is always very fast and accurate. Great job!


Jennifer Strongly Recommends Ninjacators LLC

Jennifer H gave Ninjacators LLC a 5 star Rating

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