NightRider Jewelry

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7014 E Camelback
Scottsdale, Arizona 85251
United States

I first discovered Night Rider a couple years ago at Fashion Square in Scottsdale. At first I was in sticker shock when I saw the prices but the detail and the obvious pride and patriotism that went into every single every single piece just left me in awe. To feel the weight of these pieces in the amount of detailed work and art that went into each piece actually makes the price look cheap. These pieces are well worth every dollar. From what I hear tattoos are addictive well for me Night Rider Jewelry is addictive. My wife and I own 6 pieces and love going in there talking to the crew they are all fantastic people.

Ryan Hilldale gave NightRider Jewelry a 5 star review

World Class Craftsmanship to be sure. The pieces I now own are a part of me, and acually help me to feel more honest about myself. My in store experience has been equally amazing bringing me back time and time again. I have found both Becca and Skyler to be a perfect fit as representatives of the Night Rider name. They are professional of course but more important to me, honest and genuine. I could not wrap this up in good conscience without mentioning that on my first visit I was more than a little concerned how I was going to find where I parked. I said just that to Becca as I was about to leave and without hesitation she looked up and said "Well then let's go find that motorcycle of yours" and that is exactly what she did. Bad Ass! The art has soul, the people kill it.

Barry Kelly gave NightRider Jewelry a 5 star review

I walked into the store in November last year and picked out a ring for my Christmas gift. I've been hooked and now have 3 rings for me and one tonight that I bought for my son. the rings are amazing in detail and meaning. I won a raffle for valentines day as well yesterday which is just icing on the cake, but the basket is full of items for me and my wife which will smooth over my next purchase at KnightRider. I want to say a special thank you to Becca for helping me and being patient. Actually everyone in the store has helped me at one time or another, but when I walked into the store in January and several of the staff recalled my name, I was shocked If you're on the fence, go for it... . I have a pretty conservative job, but I still get nothing but compliments on my rings. "I'll be Back"!

Marshall Dailey gave NightRider Jewelry a 5 star review

Nightrider jewelry has the best customer service I have ever had!! Nick has gone above and beyond for me on several occasions, I was having a bad day and when I left nightrider I felt better .. These people go beyond a sale they treat you like family and they aren't happy until you are. Being a business owner I understand how rare that is!! Not only do they have the most detailed awesome jewelry but they the best customer service and have truly made a friend for life.

Drew Miller gave NightRider Jewelry a 5 star review

The crew at NR are the best! Warning! NR jewelery is addictive! #Azronin

AZRonin 47 gave NightRider Jewelry a 5 star review

There's no other jewelry like this. Each piece is a hand crafted, unique statement maker. If you are into unique pieces of jewelry this is the place.... more

Had R. gave NightRider Jewelry a 5 star review

Top quality unique jewelry. NightRider carries an amazingly artistic, stylish, badass line of jewelry. And the people at the Scottsdale store are... more

Tina R. gave NightRider Jewelry a 5 star review

The jewelry sold by NightRider is of the highest quality and it is all designed and made in their own factory in Chandler Arizona. They have a store in... more

Patrick C. gave NightRider Jewelry a 5 star review

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