New York Skin and Vein Center

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6 Country Club Rd
Oneonta, NY 13820
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I believe this group of Doctors,Physicians assistants,Technicians, Nurses,and Office personal to be the most professional,knowledgeable,truly caring,supporting and generous care providers i have had overseeing mine and my family's health concerns. I came to them with weight concerns other Doctors felt were not extreme enough to warrant a weight loss program and altho my previous medical issues put me in a youneek group of people were as 5 lbs to the average person would be 50 lbs to me the scale they(past doctors) were reading from the insurance companies were saying my BMI was not high enough. I suffered back , joint , shoulder , muscle pain and energy loss, Today all is gone. My husband had been waiting for a year to have knee replacement surgery having psoriasis that affects his legs his doctors were hesitant to operate until his psoriasis was under control. He had been treated for 10 years and never was any better prior to visiting the surgeon.Again my friend recommended Mike and he was seen too days later gave him a three day regimen using too cream's and three days later it was gone he had his surgery and is better than ever. Mike is amazing as is Lisa and Kathy,Denise Carmin,Kate the Nurses,Technicians,Physicians assistants, and office personal. I am truly grateful to Dr Doner and everyone at NYSVC for all you've done and continue to do for my family.

-- Diana K

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