New Mexico Stem Cell

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4111 Barbara Loop SE
Rio Rancho, NM 87124
United States

Are you tired if living on pain, try Stem Cell therapy, At NM Stem Cell you will get the relief you looking for. Expert, Curtious, Confident Therapy .
The staff is awesome, and you won't regret feeling better .. promise .. call now...

Scott Benson gave New Mexico Stem Cell a 5 star Review on Google

I was very satisfied with the service I received. Starting with the workshop. Very informative. Good answering of questions. No pressure tactics. Counseling consult with doctor answered my questions in deciding to get Stem Cell procedure. Setting up appointments-financial discussions- procedure explanation done. The 2 procedures went smoothly with explanations as to what was being done. My shoulder pain began subsiding after 1st Injection. After 2nd injection less pasión and more mobility. So procedure was...

Regina Martinez gave New Mexico Stem Cell a 4 star Review on Google

What I needed accomplished was. My knees are better that ever.

Maria M gave New Mexico Stem Cell a 4 star Rating

I used to live in excruciating pain, I went for the stem cell therapy, and no live a decent lifestyle. Thanks to NM Stem Cell therapy.


I had stem cell injections over a year ago in my knees. One knee was ready for arthroscopic surgery to clean up problems, the other knee had arthroscopic surgery and partial knee replacement already. The knee that was in need of surgery has seened improved function over time. X-rays show that the space between the bones has enlarged. I have had no problems with the knee since the injection and am happy I did the injection over the surgery. NM Stem Cell Clinic has been great to keep following up on the results...

Barbara Fricke gave New Mexico Stem Cell a 5 star Review on Google

New Mexico Stem Cell is so fully committed to excellent treatment and is relentless in pursuing healing! After medical treatment had only invasive and irreversible surgery to offer, I opted for stem cell treatment for an ankle that was very damaged by osteoarthritis, and though it has taken more time than we thought, I am 50% improved and now able to go for exercise walks again!...

Melissa Russo gave New Mexico Stem Cell a 5 star Review on Google

Looking to be a better you..
Come find out how this clinic can help you.
Amazing results....

Raymond Scott recommends New Mexico Stem Cell on Facebook

Are you living in pain, so was I till I made an appointment with Dr. Peets and staff .. I am going to say this once visit this Dr. for all your Stem Cell... more

Raymond S. gave NM Stem Cell a 5 star review

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