Nate Buys Land, LLC

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417 Forest Street #426
Kalamazoo, MI 49001
United States
(269) 222-7737

Chad Dagenhardt had a great experience with Nate Buys Land, LLC

Chad Dagenhardt D
Joan Bidolli B

Vergene Hammons LOVED Nate Buys Land, LLC

Vergene Hammons H

He and staff were easy to work with and informative. The notary was very helpful and efficient. All in all it was a successful experience.


It was very quick, kept us updated on everything. Great people to work with


My experience with Nate Buys Land was five star. Very nice staff and they worked quickly. They handle everything. They make it so easy!! I would definitely recommend!!


I would recommend Nate Buys Land. The whole experience was smooth and easy. I was unsure at first but the Closing was amazing the way the Notary came to my house to do the closing and that same evening the cash for my property was in my bank account. I trust Nate over any real estate agent. It w... See More


Nate contacted me. I had been given offers with insulting prices for my land and he stepped up to the plate and offered me a fair price without haggling. Handled all the details. Now I'm out from the weight of owning a piece of property I was tired of owing and at a fair price. He is also easy t... See More


Mark suggests you use Nate Buys Land, LLC

Mark M

I have to say the experience with Nate was very positive. Great rating with B.B.B. and his staff was very helpfull. He also was more than fair with his offer.


I like Nate Buys Land because it was straightforward, transparent, and an effortless experience.


Leopold LOVED Nate Buys Land, LLC

Leopold C

It has been an awesome experience working with Nate, he has been so helpful and knowledgeable. He definitely went the extra miles to make everything come together.
I couldn't have asked for a better person. Can't say enough about how Awesome he is.


Richard thinks you should try Nate Buys Land, LLC

Richard Z

Our experience with Nate Buys Land, LLC was awesome. It was an extremely easy process to sell him our property. The amazing thing was we never even had to leave our house. Everything was done online and a notary was even sent right to out home. The whole process was made so simple. I highly recomme... See More

Arlene D

Offer was good
Trouble free transaction
Everything was smooth


Leslie gave Nate Buys Land, LLC an AWESOME Recommendation

Leslie F

had a great experience with Nate Buys Land, LLC


It was a very smooth process. Everything was done in a timely manner. I received a very fair market price for my property. It was a nice experience. I would recommend Nate buys land to anyone. They get a five star rating in my book.


Very nice doing business with and very smooth transaction. Definitely a 5 star company.


Great outfit to do business with. Fast closing and It was by far the easiest real estate transaction I've done. Nate is a straight shooter who pays attention to the details.

Roger R

Rae gave Nate Buys Land, LLC an AWESOME Recommendation

Rae R

The experience I had with Nate Biuys Land. LLC. was positive and a good one throughout the entire process. Nate was good at explaining various steps as we went through the process. I would give h an A++ rating.


I had a good experience with Nate buys Land, He is courteous and straightforward and our deal went just as planned


Nate was excellent to work with!! He made everything so easy and uncomplicated! I highly recommend him—he is honest and honorable!
Christina B


The whole process was very professional and very smooth going


Many offers have been sent to me for my five wooded acres. I ignored them, because they were all ridiculous. These form letters were insulting. They sounded like they were doing me a favor by offering me so little for my land. I could tell these buyers were looking for someone desperate to sell. The... See More

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