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Roxanne enjoyed the experience with Naples Vitality

Roxanne B

My experience with Naples Vitaly saved my life.


I am 3 months into my program and my life has made the most positive turn around. I no longer suffer from indegestion, bloating, belching with almost anything I ate. My arthritis is essentially no longer bothering me and my energy levels are greatly improved. I have 5 more years to retire and I know now I CAN DO IT!!

Cathy Newman

Cathy is very excited to recommend Naples Vitality

Cathy N

Brittany suggests you use Naples Vitality

Brittany D

Jana enjoyed the experience with Naples Vitality

Jana M

I am so happy with my results in this program. Lost 35 pounds, off most of my prescriptions and more energy than I have had in years. The team at Naples Vitality are so helpful and attentive to my needs and any questions I have. I feel they have turned my life around! It is a plan I can live with as my new lifestyle. It’s also been great to see my husband get healthy and active again.

Janelle Gillum

Janelle enjoyed the experience with Naples Vitality

Janelle G
Mona Boykin

D'Mona suggests you use Naples Vitality

D'Mona B

Of the education I did get about following a proper meal regimen, the attention the team gives constantly, the non-stop support from the doctor and assistants, the confidence and instilled, the lab test review....


Before I joined this program my health was declining. Medication did not help, and the tests my doctors ordered did not show what the problem was. I had chronic pain, fatigue, IBS, low energy etc. for years and it was a chore to do daily activities, until I discovered Dr. King and his staff. I enrolled into the program and have not had any regrets. In fact, I wish I had done it sooner. I have much more energy, my gut issues are gone, I fall asleep and stay asleep now. My health has improved, and my quality of... Read More

Arlene McKenzie

Luis suggests you use Naples Vitality

Luis P

Arlene gave Naples Vitality an AWESOME Recommendation

Arlene M

Initially I was a little reluctant to sign up for the program. After a short meeting with Dr King my girlfriend and I decided to give it a shot. We are so glad we did. I am sure there is a lot of science behind the plan but the structure of it all was made so simple. The why behind each step is explained in as much or as little detail as you want to read. The format of the program included reading material, links to more resources and short interesting instructional videos. There are pleasant emails reminding you... Read More

Lenny Maenza

Dr. Linell King and his entire staff should receive a reward for the most caring , professional , educated , knowledgeable , and friendliest group.
I was part of the Naples Vitality program for 3 months in 2021 and not only did it make me right again (health wise ) but it has changed my life. I have always been aware of what I ate and aware of the benefits of certain foods or how it may effect my over all health, but going through the program has given me an entirely new perspective on eating. It’s really not that... Read More

Sandra Valerio

Naples Vitality got a great recommendation by Tina

Tina A

Sandra suggests you use Naples Vitality

Sandra V

Lenny thinks you should try Naples Vitality

Lenny M

Brittany is very excited to recommend Naples Vitality

Brittany D

I signed on with Dr. Linell King, and the Naples Vitality Team after listening to one of Dr. King’s Webinars - I liked what he said about how a Functional Medicine MD interprets the results of bloodwork tests - they look at a much narrower, OPTIMAL, range, as opposed to the broader range that regular practitioners look at. I wanted to improve my energy levels, and learn to make nutrition and lifestyle changes that would allow me to grow older gracefully, mind, body and soul. What I got was much, MUCH more - I... Read More

Jenny Johnson

Jenny suggests you use Naples Vitality

Jenny J

Patricia thinks you should try Naples Vitality

Patricia D

Emily suggests you use Naples Vitality

Emily B

My daughter for the first time in her life, or that I EVER remember, was sick and wasn’t prescribed any medications. Nothing. But more than that, she didn’t need it, her body was able to recovery completely on its own. And it was covid nonetheless! Dr King has changed her life by helping her get back to a healthy place and healing her autoimmune issues. You have no idea the magnitude of what this means and how grateful I’m am.Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Ev N

Evelyn Highly Recommends Naples Vitality to their friends & family!

Evelyn N

Janelle suggests you use Naples Vitality

Janelle G

Grazielle enjoyed the experience with Naples Vitality

Grazielle F

Tom and Dr. King have been wonderful. All questions have been carefully answered. Tom has great knowledge that he has imparted to me as a layman in a way I can understand and when I understand I am able to follow. I am a "if I know why, I can do it even if I do not like it" person.
My goal of my arthritis pain going away and I lost more than the 10 pounds I originally set out to maybe lose. I am eating more but better, am reading labels and am cooking again. Thank you and blessings to you Naples Vitality- all of you!! Pat Schubring

Patricia Milford

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