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We have enjoyed our patio and porch through dusk and the evening without any mosquitoes! It’s a miracle! Thank you Mosquito Enemy!

Shauna Werner

Good, plus tick control.

Dave Czesniuk

Eric Highly Recommends Mosquito Enemy to their friends & family!

Eric S

Jeffrey was very professional and responsive from the beginning! Mosquito Enemy has done an outstanding job - we have not laid eyes on one mosquito, and we were inundated with them in the past. We were never able to enjoy are backyard and new deck and now we are loving it! We wish we had done thi... See More


I would give fi e stars but it's only been three visits. So far so good we have had a couple questions and the owner gets back to you quickly and very friendly and knowledgeable. They do a thorough job so far.

Keith Roy

Keith is very excited to recommend Mosquito Enemy

Keith R

They have been responsive to every concern. Our first season with them so waiting to see true impact of their treatment to minimize mosquitos. So far so good.


Dave Highly Recommends Mosquito Enemy to their friends & family!

Dave C

Customer service was fantastic, spoke with owner for 10 minutes just chatting and getting the history and background of treatment used. Service technicians have been friendly and have already gone above and beyond. Technician got attacked by ants while spraying, and handled it professionally and casually. Thank you.

D Jameson4me

Risa had a great experience with Mosquito Enemy

Risa F

Dennis suggests you use Mosquito Enemy

Dennis M

Jon had a great experience with Mosquito Enemy

Jon T

Courtney enjoyed the experience with Mosquito Enemy

Courtney G

Nancy LOVED Mosquito Enemy

Nancy H

Sarah Strongly Recommends Mosquito Enemy

Sarah H

Kelli Strongly Recommends Mosquito Enemy

Kelli D

Sumeyye LOVED Mosquito Enemy

Sumeyye S

Dale suggests you use Mosquito Enemy

Dale P

Kathy LOVED Mosquito Enemy

Kathy C

Very effective and responsive.

Jim Tao

Deborah suggests you use Mosquito Enemy

Deborah H

Kelly enjoyed the experience with Mosquito Enemy

Kelly L

They are efficient, and polite. This is my second year, and I'm excited!


Jun LOVED Mosquito Enemy

Jun T

They do a good job! Used them all last season, and couldn’t wait to sign up for this year. Have noticed way fewer mosquitos and have yet to find a tick on either dog, and they spend a lot of time outside.

Kerry Heusser

Great company. Super responsive, great communication. Excellent service. No mosquitos here.

Michael Perkins

Night and day when it comes to the amount of ticks and mosquitos at our residence. We won’t go a year without this service!

I have used multiple companies for mosquito control and NOBODY can touch this company! The customer service is excellent! The product however is... more

Wendy B. gave Mosquito Enemy a 5 star review

Second summer now. Great people and wonderful service. No ticks on us or the dogs all season both summers. Mosquitoes almost non existent even after sundown. more

Eric H. gave Mosquito Enemy a 5 star review

An absolutely fantastic company. From first contact till now this firm has been professional, friendly and has a great product. Our property borders a... more

Michael G. gave Mosquito Enemy a 5 star review

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