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2010 South 1000 East
Salt Lake City, UT 84105
United States

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I’ve been going to Dr. Morgan for about 8 years. As a bass player at first I just wanted someone to adjust my neck. I admit I was not sure the other treatments and services he provided were beneficial. Boy have I been educated. I don’t know what could send me to a typical doctor now. I run to Dr. Morgan for everything.
Besides the great adjustments he gives he has fixed me up when I had a concussion (completely ridding me of it), used the Magnacharge to heal my body after childbirth, detoxified my body, and turned on various muscles I had somehow turned off. It’s so great to raise my arm without pain!
He is also easy to get in to see and less expensive than traditional medicine. (I don’t want to know what a hospital stay for a concussion costs. Normal visits are less than what I have been charged for seeing my old doctor before I got to know Dr. Morgan.)
I wish there were more Dr. Morgan’s in the world. His knowledge is spot on and always surprising. He heals things I didn’t realize were part of his repertoire.
His staff is awesome, too. They are super nice.

-- Lola P

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