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Professional and dedicated to helping me with my credit repair. Highly recommend service!


A1, professional, helpful, a few words that come to mind! My score did a complete 180 since I've been apart of the credit repair program


Very professional, she did everything she said to my credit and got my credit where it needs to be.

Verneadia Zollicoffer

Moore Affordable Credit got a great recommendation by Verneadia

Verneadia Z

In less than a year my credit went from horrible to good standing, now working towards a perfect score. Highly recommend.

Jarmaine Jackson

Jarmaine gave Moore Affordable Credit an AWESOME Recommendation

Jarmaine J

Vinnetta Highly Recommends Moore Affordable Credit to their friends & family!

Vinnetta D

I was driving a 2012 maxima last year! Now I have a 2021 BMW with a 1.75 interest rate!!

DaBarberaL Moore

Al had a great experience with Moore Affordable Credit

Al M

Moore Affordable Credit is a one stop shop that meets every need one can have when it comes to credit. You’ll get repair assistance, credit education, and complete results and turn around quickly. The most professional and knowledgeable individual I have ever done business with!

Allena Flood

Allena enjoyed the experience with Moore Affordable Credit

Allena F

I have been working with Moore Affordable Credit for a few years now and they have assisted me with not only increasing my credit score but advising me on the proper channels to maintain a clean credit record and balancing my finances.


I am so happy that I choose Moore Affordable Credit. Tiffany worked with me and my husband. She gave us the tools we needed to get our credit score up. We followed her plan and was able to purchase our home within 6 months of working with her. She is the real deal, she is not a quick fix but teaches you how to manage your credit profile to be successful. HIGHLY RECOMMEND HER!!!

Stephanie Allen

Moore Affordable Credit got a great recommendation by Stephanie

Stephanie A

Simone LOVED Moore Affordable Credit

Simone G

Jermaine thinks you should try Moore Affordable Credit

Jermaine A

Moore Affordable is awesome. Overtime, Moore Affordable has increased my credit score almost 200 points. I went from unbelievably terrible credit to being able ask for anything I want and receive. Not only did Tiffany counsel me but she is helping my two young adult children have a great start by pr... See More


Tiffany gave Moore Affordable Credit an AWESOME Recommendation

Tiffany G

Dareana enjoyed the experience with Moore Affordable Credit

Dareana M

Moore affordable credit is amazing! The communication is extraordinary and the education you receive through is top notch!


Shawn is very excited to recommend Moore Affordable Credit

Shawn W

Moore Affordable Credit is very professional, hardworking and easy to understand. She makes you feel like you are her only client and gets great results.

Mrsc Blow

Moore Affordable Credit has changed me and my husband life forever. Now understanding how credit actually works and taking my husband credit from a 0- 700 has benefited us so much and we were able to buy our dream home for our family.

Thank you again!

Tiffany Griffin

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