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Monadnock natural health has helped me completely heal my gastritis and I have been able to stop all omeprazole , tums, Roland’s, etc. my digestive system is no longer an issue though I had struggled with this for many years.
I was able to lose 30 pounds and keep it off.
The staff was very friend... See More


I love Monadnock Natural Health because I now feel much better! I sleep better, I can concentrate better, and I have more energy. Everyone at Monadnock Natural Health is encouraging and very easy to work with.


They care so much for the health and well-being of their practice members and are always will to listen and answer questions.
It is really like being part of a family.
My wife and I have had our lives changed by what we have learned and the help that they have given us.


Mary LOVED Monadnock Natural Health

Mary R

Kelly Highly Recommends Monadnock Natural Health to their friends & family!

Kelly W

Donna Strongly Recommends Monadnock Natural Health

Donna S

Monadnock Health got me out of the healthcare system and on the road to a much healthier lifestyle. Thanks to Jandee, Dr. Gene and Melissa I have gained knowledge about my mind, body and lifestyle to make healthy decisions. With this new found knowledge I feel like a whole new person and I thank Mon... See More


Lisa had a great experience with Monadnock Natural Health

Lisa M

My experience with Monadnock Natural Health was and has continued to be above and beyond. I started out with them feeling completely overwhelmed and defeated by the lack of answers and help from numerous years of seeing multiple doctors. After my first visit left full of hope and assurance that I wo... See More


Monadnock Natural Health got a great recommendation by Hazel

Hazel T

Ann Strongly Recommends Monadnock Natural Health

Ann H

Brenda gave Monadnock Natural Health an AWESOME Recommendation

Brenda W

Monadnock Natural Health got a great recommendation by Castine

Castine C

I started working with Dr. Clerkin and Jandee to clean out some things in my system to help me get pregnant when I was ready to start trying. The protocol was very informative. When I got pregnant it was so easy and I haven’t had “normal symptoms” like nausea, morning sickness, heartburn, weird food cravings, etc. I’ve felt so good overall and I feel it’s due to a lot of what we worked out. Thank you MNH for helping me become a healthier mama-to-be.

Tecia Pitts Abatelli

The program has been challenging for me. However, my health coach has been making the changes in my diet that I need in order to be healthy. I was not aware of all the different foods that can effect your body in such a negative way. I'm feeling really good about this program and I've lost 30 lbs. Thank you to all the staff at Monadnock Natural Health for helping me get healthy.

Kimberly Short

Arthritis pain is completely GONE Thanks to Dr. Gene! Happier, Healthier, Grateful to Dr. Gene and his staff for every little thing! They are so knowledgeable! I learn something new everyday from them!

I appreciate NOT having to have arthritis surgery! I appreciate Looking forward to a healthy rest of my life!

Nutritionist, Jandee is a God sent Angel to myself and my family! Jandee has my Sebastian(16) eating fresh spinach! Fresh veggies, fresh fruit! This is lifechanging for Sebastian!

The... Read More

Diana Elfreich

So glad I found Dr. Gene. My energy level is up and those aches and pains that others had said were to be expected in "people your age" are now gone. Allergies are gone, too!

Ruth Shepard

Gene has been helping me in a profound way for years. He has shown me possibilities I otherwise would have never discovered. Healing naturally is really the only way to truly heal. We need a revolution on our approach as a culture on healing and wellness. Gene is a leader in this movement.

Wayne G Leyshon

I'm really impressed with how they do things here. They don't just mask symptoms, but rather they educate you on what the underlying problems is, but more importantly they provide you the support you need to actually fix it. Thanks for doing what you guys do.

David Adams
D'Vorah Kelley
Laura Schadler

LOVE This PLACE. Dr. Gene is great 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

Christine Langella Andrade

Great place very friendly staff great results completely changed my life I went from a shot immune system to a very strong healthy one one!

Tamina Masterson

High quality care, friendly staff and awesome results!

Gene Clerkin

Working with Dr. Gene at Monadnock Natural Health has changed my life for the better. After years of persistent, debilitating headaches and autoimmune issues, I was finally able to identify and address the underlying causes with a wellness plan designed just for me. Thanks to Monadnock Natural Health, I no longer struggle with daily headaches and feel healthier and more empowered than ever!

Castine Verrill gave Monadnock Natural Health a 5 star review

I am very thankful for finding Dr. Gene and his nutrition and chiropractic services. I was struggling with endocrine issues that are now resolved. The chiropractic care is like nothing that I have ever experienced. If you are tired of not feeling your best, take the time to stop by Dr. Gene's office. He is extremely knowledgeable and has a lot to offer. My energy is high and my outlook on life is positive.

Ashley Richardson gave Monadnock Natural Health a 5 star review

Dr Gene, Jandee, and their associates are amazing! I needed to find a local practitioner and found Dr Gene. I am so glad I did! I believe in what they practice and have never felt as good as i did when I started the program they created for me. They are supportive, knowledgeable, caring and go above and beyond to help with your wellness. Highly recommend!

Jessica L gave Monadnock Natural Health a 5 star review

Dr. Gene and his team are simply the best investment I have made in my health, ever! I've been a client for a couple years+ and have seen my health issues resolve and I feel better than I have in decades. This is truly personalized healthcare for my body. No pill can do what these folks have done for me. Thank you, Dr.Gene!

Jan gave Monadnock Natural Health a 5 star review

Dr. Gene is very knowledgeable and personable. He has helped me to identify and detoxify from internal pathogens like heavy metals and parasites, which I've always suspected were the root of unwanted symptoms. Highly recommend this clinic!

Allison Millar gave Monadnock Natural Health a 5 star review

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