Mis Amigos Preschool

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My Daughter Lydia, is my only child. I had signed her up for the one and done club. With that being said. I told myself, I was not going to sign my baby up for school until she can tell me what happens when she not around me. However, Later I found out though research. Many children who don't attend preschool before kindergarten, they Will struggle and fall behind thought rest of thier education! Being a single mother, 37, with a only a GED received in 2013. I Knew, I could Not Cheap my daughter out of a Good Life that All children Deserve! Ms Amigos Not only offer preschool education. They offer to transform my child and take her into a world that I only could dream, wish and watch on tv. And that was being Bilingual!
Lydia spoke of no Spanish in her first year and little of English education. By the second year I was concern if I was to blame or had made the right decision by putting her in a Bilingual school, because I had little education and knew Nothing of Spanish! So, Lydia wasn't leaning nothing though me.
Then, one day. She came home knowing how to spell and write her name, counting to high number and knowing her ABC. She coming home, singing Spanish songs and counting in Spanish! She asking for food and items in Spanish! She is teaching me Spanish! This is Not Only a True Blessing to Her and Me, it's a Miracle!
I want to give a Personal thanks to the whole team of Ms Amgios! The Teachers for loving and teaching my Daughter as if she was their own child. To the finance team who kept me in. When I face many stroms with jobs. And to the Director, Administrator and Assistants. Thank you all!

-- Lydia B

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