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Mis Amigos has been such an amazing experience for my daughter. She absolutely loves going there everyday and the teachers are wonderful. We've been super happy and she's learning a ton. Highly recommended!

Rianna Harvey Olson
Steve Schwartz

My family and I have had a great experience at Mis Amigos thus far and I'd highly recommend it to anyone in the St.Paul North East Metro area.

Michele Ode
Mary Bell Lopez Duque

Is a place where the staff are very friendly. It's a fun place to work at and where I can consider my co workers to be my family. While just seeing the kids we work with, with a great big smile makes me happy to know they are happy being with us.

Miguel N Yosi Gt

Excellent work environment, professionalism and dedication.
See the happy face of the children when they arrive at school and the tranquility of the parents when they leave them, It is very rewarding.
For all these reasons I love work in Mis amigos.

Edily Sanchez

I have been a teacher in Mis Amigos Spanish Inmersion Preschool for over 8 years and my experience has been wonderful, we are all a family that we respect and support all the time. We always do our best to make our children the happiest. Thank you daddies for trusting us.

Maria Jara

Very good atmosphere and great company culture. I love working in Mis Amigos is like joining a family and everyone is supportive of each other and has a great time together. Is a very established company. I see every day happy faces in our kids. They make our days different.

Ana Maria Pinto

Our son loves Mis Amigos and is excited to play and learn everyday when we drop him off! All the teachers are incredible, and it’s very clear they provide excellent care for the children.

Joe Guntli

We've been very happy at the Mis Amigos located in St. Paul. My daughter is excited to go to school every day and I feel like she is well cared for and loved by her teachers. The teachers use lots of song and dance to teach the kids and it's fun to hear my daughter singing in Spanish! Knowing that their brains are made for learning language, it is exciting to see young kids learning two different languages at once.

Lizzi Kyser

My 2.5 year old has been at Mis Amigos for a few months now and we love it. The teachers are friendly and I can tell they truly care about my daughter. My daughter loves going to school and its amazing how much she's learned (not just Spanish) in such a short period of time. I would highly recommend Mis Amigos!

Nicole Clark Kirk
Carolina Galich Lloyd

What a wonderful experience our son had with Mis Amigos! His teacher was loving, kind, and enthusiastic. My Spanish is rusty, so I was concerned about a language barrier, but there wasn't one at all. We were so thrilled to give our child the gift of a second language vocabulary. We <3 Mis Amigos!

Susie Weir Duwe

Best start to education you could give to your kids. The staff and teachers are like a close knit family. They truly care about each other and the students. I used to call my child's teacher "segundo mamá"! I have seen many intangibles from Mis Amigos that stuck with my children through out their elementary school years. Hearing Spanish at a young age allowed them to instinctively pick up nuances in the language. I do believe choosing this school set my children up for success.

Tammy Wenning

Mis Amigos is an absolutely top notch preschool and I would highly recommend it!!

Our oldest son had just turned five in the summer of 2012 and he already had two years of preschool under his belt. We were struggling to balance his academic, emotional and social needs in the difficult decision between Kindergarten and a third year of preschool. We visited several schools and involved AJ in our conversations about the different options. In spite of his preference for a more "Englishy" option, we chose... Read More

Sherry Christenson Amelse

Amazing school, the teachers are very caring and treat their students like their own babies. Both my kids went to mis amigos and they have memories that will last forever. I would recommend Mis Amigos to anyone who is looking for a fun and nurturing environment for their little ones.

Marcela Di Santo Gratke

Happy Kids! Warm and Lovely Teachers! Great Curriculum! Only Spanish! Safe!
I had two children here. I highly recommend the school. Very happy parents

Mayra Hernández Flodstrom
Vanessa Larrea Crosley

I am a preschool teacher in Saint Paul and I am proud to be part of Mis Amigos preschool team, we work in a nice environment in which wr teach, submerged in the Latin culture and Spanish language.


My Daughter Lydia, is my only child. I had signed her up for the one and done club. With that being said. I told myself, I was not going to sign my baby up for school until she can tell me what happens when she not around me. However, Later I found out though research. Many children who don't attend... See More


My 4 year old son and I love Mis Amigos. He began attending preschool right after his fourth birthday. I was nervous how he would adjust moving from a home daycare to a preschool, but everyone at Mis Amigos was so warm and welcoming that he had no trouble at all. When he started he did not know any ... See More


After transitioning from a day care center to Mis Amigos, my husband and I immediately noticed so many wonderful things at Mis Amigos. From lower student-teacher ratios, close attention to hygiene and health, to the children's receipt of warm and friendly hugs from teachers. The curriculum has imp... See More


My son has attended Mis Amigos since April of 2016 I have been very happy. My son looks forward to school everyday and the teachers are always excited to see him. He is learning many things and the school staff has been great in working to meet his special needs. There are many great teachers and th... See More


My two girls have been attending Mis Amigos since my youngest was 17 months old. Before that, my husband and I were able to have them at home. My girls are both slow to warm and quiet, so this was quite the transition for them. It couldn't have been better, their teachers welcomed them with open arm... See More


This is my 3 year old daughters first year at Mis Amigos and first year away from a parental figure. After only a couple of months of two days a week, she has adjusted to the time away from her family and loves going to "her school". She has a lot of respect for her teacher Marina, who she talks abo... See More


I am the parent to 2 Mis Amigos students. Every day, every teacher, aid, and Mis Amigos staff members knows my children by names and shows heartfelt love and care for my children. Academically, my children's verbal abilities in both English and Spanish are well above age-level expectations and their... See More


We are SO happy with the Mis Amigos family! Our 3 year old son is having an amazing first year in preschool. Almost every day after school he mentions how nice his teachers are. We love love love that he is being immersed in such a warm environment. We - and more importantly - he, trusts that he ... See More


Our 3-year-old daughter has been at Mis Amigos St. Paul since June and we couldn't be happier. It is a small program that is run by a caring, smart & fun staff. All of the teachers work hard to create a community of respect -- and fun -- making for a great learning atmosphere. We like the variety... See More

My daughter has been at the Hopkins location for over a year and I couldn't be happier. The teachers in the toddler room are amazing, so kind and caring.... more

Brooke O. gave Mis Amigos Spanish Immersion Preschool a 5 star review

Our 3-year-old daughter has been at Mis Amigos St. Paul since June and we couldn't be happier. It is a small program that is run by a caring, smart & fun... more

Elizabeth J. gave Mis Amigos Spanish Immersion Preschool a 5 star review

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