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Very friendly and knowledgeable staff! Overall care has been great for me over the last 2 years now. I feel my concerns are heard, if I have any. I would highly recommend this place!

Ashley Pauly

Came here with severe knee pain and instability looking for options for knee replacement. Decided to go the with Stem Cell therapy, couldn't be happier. Able to resume many activities with out worrying about falling down. Everybody working there is totally awesome!!

Jeff Hagen

I've only been working with them for a week now, so I'm sorry to say I haven't gotten better yet, but I do have confidence it will happen. What I do like is the friendliness, they all seem to know me, I'm still working on getting their names down. They all seem to know me and my situation, and they ... See More


I can’t believe what Minnesota Regenerative Institute has done for me in just 3 weeks! I have been living with back pain for several years and everything that I’ve tried didn’t help. Since I’ve been going here I am able to do the small tasks that would cause me great pain with out any pain at all. I am able to sleep through the night and wake up refreshed and not dreading to get out of bed because of pain. I love the atmosphere here, everyone is so inviting and encouraging! I wish I would have found this place sooner!!

Theresa Messinger

When I began working with the team here, I couldn't stand or walk for very long due to increasing pain and numbness in my feet. With the spinal decompression, physical therapy and chiropractor services. I am stronger and am able to stretch if I have pain due to standing, driving or sitting too long. I take no medications for pain, nerve issues or muscle relaxers even though I have prescriptions for all. I recommend these services to everyone I know!!

Michele Berger

I started going to MN Regenererative Institute for pain in my knees. The staff has been wonderful! With their help, I have learned exercises to strengthen and add mobility to my core. Which has helped with the knee pain.

Karen D

When I started I had 27percent nerve damage in my feet when diagnosed with neuropathy. Now after just a few months it went down to 2 percent damage. My neck and back have much less pain and the staff is wonderful to work with. Everyone is very pleasant and friendly. Definitely recommend to anyone with neuropathy or back pain.

Aaron Geinert

Aaron thinks you should try Minnesota Regenerative Institute

Aaron G

the program has helped me. I walk better, go upstairs better. I can stand longer after I have been adjusted. I would recommend this to others.

Jill Tallman

I went to Minnesota Regenerative Institute on May 25th with back and neck problems. Neck pain was so bad I had to quit driving. After a month they have my back at 90% better and my neck is at the point that I can drive again. The staff is very friendly and helpful. They take their time and listen to you. They really care about their patients
Stephanie Strickland

Stephanie Strickland

This place is fantastic! I came in with a whiplash injury from multiple years prior. Within a few months of seeing Dylan, Aaron, and Rolund. My neck felt better than before!

Patrick Yezek

This place is amazing! Not only are the staff very friendly and helpful, but they have worked with me to help me be able to walk with minimal pain again!

Nicole Yezek

When I first went in I was in pain. Through Therapy and Chiropractic care I am doing better. I still have my days with pain but just knowing what I have to do to relieve the pain has been so helpful.
My stress level, depression has gone down significantly. I am able to enjoy walking, playing with my grandson.
The staff is very helpful and knowledgeable when I have a question or concern.
Now does this mean I will never have set backs? No I will have days of set backs, and again through the Physical Therapy I know... Read More

Kathy Larsen

My experience with Minnesota Regenerative has been extremely positive. I came in January with extreme pain, 15 Advil a day pain. I’ve been very physical and energetic my entire life, and actually I was scared of what May be wrong. It was a bad disc, deteriorating. I’m not a needles & knife fan, so I was determined to do anything to avoid a surgery that probably wouldn’t of worked anyway . We’ve all heard the horror stories from bad surgeries.
I started Chiropractic care with Dr, Aaron & Troy, and PT... Read More

Collette Peterson

Wonderful place for treatment! The staff is very friendly, kind and knowledgeable. They make you feel so much stronger and confident!

Heidi Van Dyke
Ron Vredenburg

I have been using Minnesota Regenerative institute since they opened. And Chiropractor services for several years.
These employees and specialists are absolutely fabulous. The treatment you get here is wonderful.
I really recommend using their services. 👍

Jeannine Moylan

I've been regenerating with the the friendly staff at MN. Regenerative Institute for sometime now. I've experienced very positive results and will continue my therapy. The staff is extremely friendly, positive and upbeat which always makes it a fun visit. Id highly recommend them for anyone that wants to be challenged to feel healthier and more energetic

Nate Bettis

Mark LOVED Minnesota Regenerative Institute

Mark E

I have been dealing with shoulder pain for about 7-8 years. I have done everything but surgery and injections and didn’t want to go that route. Since July, when I met Rolund, he talked about the different therapy methods MN Regenerative did. Finally in February, I couldn’t stand the constant pain anymore and wanted my arms/shoulders back, plus with a baby on the way I didn’t want to lose feeling in my arms while holding/feeding a baby. I started with chiropractic care along with shoulder rehab and after the very... Read More

Kaitlyn Emerson

I’ve been going here for the past three years and I wouldn’t choose any other chiropractor. Everyone from the front desk staff to the doctors are always friendly and make the experience wonderful. PT has been a lifesaver for me. Always willing to help find ways to elevate pain to ensure I can continue to work! Thank you!

Connie Davis

I first came because of my neck pain that I dealt with for over 10 years due to a car accident. It came to a point where I could barley turn my head to look over my shoulder. The adjustments helped a lot but what I say saved my neck was the rehab part. After a few weeks I began to notice my headaches were gone, I was able to see my surroundings without pain and could actually say I was pain free. The rehab program does last a while but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I also did the weight loss program to learn... Read More

Alexandra Engelmann
Minnesota Regenerative Institute Replied: Thank you! We appreciate you!

Both me and my wife started going to these guys in 2021. I was having lots of back pain because of a herniated disc, and shoulder pain because of impingement. My wife was having trouble migraines! It's now approximately 9 month later and I can't put into words how blessed I feel to have found them! 90 percent of my pain is gone! I truly didn't think I would ever have this great quality of life again! Thank you to the whole team and especially Roland for always daring to push me when I needed to be pushed! I have... Read More

Jesse Swartzentruber

Great staff!

Doug Williams
LC Armstrong

I loved my experience here! The staff are amazing and remember your name :) inn no would highly recommend coming here for all chiropractic care!

Tori Magee

When I first came I was unable to walk, sit, or stand without extreme pain. They literally changed my life. So glad I came in!

Myra Horner

Rehab change my life and taught me how to eat better and change my workout habits to eliminate pain. It was worth every penny.

Jack Durand

Friendly staff, great service, and it's easy to get in to see them. My neck feels 100% better!

Jacob Hradsky

This place is amazing. I have never thought I would not suffer from pain for a very long time. I live with migraines and every time I get adjusted I leave pain free. I enjoy talking with the staff because they actually care about the patient and their health. I would recommend this place to anybody.

Ashley Berg

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