MindBloom Preschool

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Average: 4.8 out of 5 Stars

2420 Rhode Island Avenue NE
Washington, DC 20018
United States
(202) 681-2013

gave MindBloom Preschool 4 stars


*****FIVE STARS***** I had been driving by the MindBloom School on Rhode Island Ave. for two years waiting for my daughter to be old enough to go to this school. I imagined my baby learning Mandarin and coming home and painting Chinese Calligraphy but when she was old enough to attend Summer Camp there last Summer I discovered that it was so much more than learning languages: Chinese and Spanish. It's a total language and cultural immersion experience where they learn about Spanish and Chinese foods, go to cultural museums like the Mexican Cultural Institute; learn about traditional dances and history. The kids receive personalized attention, they take walks daily, the teacher to child ratio is amazing. It's just an all around nurturing, child centered diverse cultural immersion environment for preschoolers. The Director is amazing, very knowledgeable, hands on and approachable. Let me tell you, at the end of the Summer when I said bye to the Director I cried like a baby, it wasn't a cute cry, it was an ugly cry. Why? because the Summer Camp was over and my daughter was going back to regular school. She will be going back to Mindbloom next year!

-- Kim C

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