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The Lowell Afterschool Program is very happy with the classes offered through the MIndBloom program. The children look forward to their “Spanish Clubhouse” minicourse day. The teachers are friendly, arrive early, create fun and engaging activities, and leave the classrooms as they found them.


Our daughter attend Mandarin classes at Amidon-Bowen school. She is 4 years old and she is the youngest in class. Miss Jing her teacher is very creative with crafts and games, our daughter loves her classes. She’s been asking for mandarin classes all the time. Thank you miss Jing and miss Susan. K... See More


My son was going to a day care and when he was 2 and half years old, I started looking for a better learning experience for him. I occasionally drove by Mind Bloom Pre-School and noticed their billboard so I figured, I should give them a call. When I called to ask if they had space, I was only think... See More


My twin boys were with Mindbloom for nine months in the Mandarin-track program. I was impressed by the teachers who were native speakers from mainland China, and also by the curriculum which integrated science, arts, and even music into their language and intellectual development. The school was l... See More


*****FIVE STARS***** I had been driving by the MindBloom School on Rhode Island Ave. for two years waiting for my daughter to be old enough to go to this school. I imagined my baby learning Mandarin and coming home and painting Chinese Calligraphy but when she was old enough to attend Summer Camp ... See More


My daughter receives Mindbloom Spanish services as an aftercare program at her school twice a week and we've been beyond pleased. She has articulated that she loves the class saying things like "Spanish is my favorite", "Do I have Spanish today?" and "Look what I made today!". We have also overhea... See More


I have been very happy with the immersion program that Mindbloom is offering at my daughter's school - I even have started encouraging other parents to join the program!

It had been three years since my kid was in a bilingual daycare, so I was not sure whether she would be able to pick it up aga... See More


Before MindBloom, I tried to teach my daughter basics in mandarin and have brought her mandarin language programs in the area with little success. She did not want to learn from me and was bored in other classes. Since starting MindBloom, her mandarin language skills has exploded exponentially ... See More


As the European-decent parent of Chinese-American children, it means so much to us to have MindBloom available to our three-year-old through Amedon-Bowen. The curriculum is practical and the projects are fun for the kids. The practice words and pronunciations shared with parents helps us all engage ... See More


Great classroom opportunity. Would like flashcards and regular checkins, but this is a great subject to introduce at an early age.


We really wanted to reinforce what our son had learned in Spanish class at school last year, especially because his class will only take Spanish in the spring this year. So we signed him up for the aftercare program to have some continuity and he says he likes it and is always eager to show us his ... See More


Great program full of activities and good staff.


Really happy with Mindbloom summer camp. We enrolled our 5 year old and 3 year old for the summer spanish immersion program. Not only did they gain in their spanish language ability but also learned some arabic and chinese. In addition, our 5 year old actually learned a surprising amount of math... See More


My 5-year old daughter had a wonderful experience at Mindbloom! She was initially shy & nervous about being in an unfamiliar camp, but she had a great day making new friends, speaking new languages and especially making piragua! She told me that she loved taking a nature walk and felt better when a ... See More


My husband and I were looking for a program so that our 2-year-old son could start socializing and make some friends. A family friend of ours has a 3-year-old daughter who attends MindBloom Preschool, and highly recommended it for our son. After taking a tour of the school, we enrolled our son part-... See More


Teachers are warm and inviting at Mindbloom. My daughter loves her teachers, and comes home talking about her day spent with her "amigas and maestras".


My daughter was a scholar at Mindblooms for PreK-3 and she has truly blossomed into a critical thinker that is caring, self-driven and has a zeal for learning. I was beyond satisfied with the quality of education that she received at Mindblooms. The school leadership is great and the teachers are ... See More


We have been the benefactors of our granddaughter's education through Mindbloom Preschool. We were happy to find a school with all the educational perks that is usually offered in a “a la cart” forum. The Spanish and Mandarin languages were more reason to opt-in on an educational journey desi... See More


"When I looked around at child care options, none of them compared to MindBloom. Now that my daughter has been through a full year, I can say firsthand that my expectations were far exceeded. The staff is one of a kind! They are caring individuals who are extremely passionate about their work. The d... See More

Our daughter attend Mandarin classes at Amidon-Bowen school. She is the youngest in class. Miss Jing is amazing and she knows how to engage young kids to... more

Ivana U. gave MindBloom Preschool a 5 star review

My son was going to a day care and when he turned 3, I started looking for a better learning experience for him. I occasionally drove by Mind Bloom... more

Ketsela H. gave MindBloom Preschool a 5 star review

Our son attended MindBloom for the past 6 months, and it has been a loving, caring environment. The teachers are very dedicated to full language immersion,... more

Katie L. gave MindBloom Preschool a 5 star review

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