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I would absolutely crawl over broken glass to train with Paul Finck. Every time I go spend a week or weekend learning from Paul, I add at least $1,000/month in passive income to my real estate business....and that's been 7 times in the past year and a half. These increases in residual income routinely occur within 1 to 4 weeks of being with him. In fact, the first and also the most recent time I engaged in one of Paul's events, the performance of my real estate investments increased by $2,500/month within weeks of returning with the game plan Paul consistently arms me with. In one year, he helped me move my annual passive real estate income from $30,000 to $175,000.

Paul is authentic, driven, clear, super-helpful, loving, and an absolute results-maker. A master negotiator himself, he has taught me how to discover what others need, communicate effectively, and thereby craft winning deals for both sides of the table. He always equips me with specific, tactical plans to improve my business, as well as general mindset help. More profoundly, he has taught me how to surround myself with people, circumstances, information, and an environment where I'm able to reach many of these successful conclusions myself. Yes, far beyond just giving me a fish, Paul has taught me how to fish so that I may prosper for a lifetime. I recommend anyone willing to do what it takes to succeed to invest whatever time and money is necessary to train with Paul.

-- Paul B

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