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I am proud to be one of the Millionaire Minded! In December 2014 I had been recently divorced and my two children and I were ordered out of our home and forced to live with family. With my confidence at an all time low, I was entering a state of depression when I caught daughter listening to Good Morning Millionaire as she got ready for school. Through the bathroom door I heard her reciting affirmations like’ “I am enough!” and “All my best friends are successful and add value to my life!”. These affirmations awakened a fire within me that ushered me into a new frame of mind. I now looked forward to getting up in the morning. I started to look at my business in an entirely different light and took small incremental streps to improve it daily. I saw it as it was: As an extension of myself! Because of my divorce my credit was 435, so I quickly joined Novae to start to repair my credit and my life. (They say “Cash is King”. If that’s true, “Credit is Queen” of the chessboard!) Less than 6 months later my credit score was at 715, just by implementing the suggested strategies! Although I still have room for improvement, I am now able to move in circles I could have only imagined in the past. Soon after the Kaizen Academy was born. I jumped on the opportunity to have Mr. Ali travel with me, be in my ear reminding me how great I was and how to become even greater in respects to mindset and heart-set. He has truly added value to my life, the lives of my family members and the lives of my business partners. I appreciate him so much words can not do it justice. We love, honor and respect you Mr. Ali. Thank you for saving my life.

-- Tamanika O

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