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Campbell, CA 95008
United States

Excellent range of selections. Was passing by with my kids at the BX and we tried a sample of the honey comb and of course we had to try all of the different flavors of honey. Have never seen so many. They are delicious. Thank you so much!!!!

Mike & Niki's Honey Replied: We aim to please. Thanks for stopping by!!!

Really enjoyed the orange blossom honey I purchased at the Santa Clara A&W festival. Just missed out on the last cherry blossom jar but hope to try in the future.

Mike Graves
Mike & Niki's Honey Replied: Thanks for beeing a fan. Call the office today. I will set aside a jar of cherry blossom from my show at Travis AFB. We can save it for you and pick up Monday We want to do our best for you all

Jill had a great experience with Mike & Niki's Honey

Jill S

Muzi Strongly Recommends Mike & Niki's Honey

Muzi D

michael is very excited to recommend Mike & Niki's Honey

michael G

Best honey in the country I use it when I’m smoking ribs and it makes a huge difference and there honey garlic is amazing

Mirko Mircic
Mike & Niki's Honey Replied: Mirko, Thanks for being a raving fan of Mike & Niki's. Honey is great on BBQ. Try the Buckwheat Honey with Worcestershire sauce on Ribs...

Mirko LOVED Mike & Niki's Honey

Mirko M

Fantastic honey and fantastic service. Shipped so quickly!

Julie K. Rose
Mike & Niki's Honey Replied: Thanks for the shout out Julie. The shipping bees buzz on over to UPS and such, just as fast as they can.... Buzzy Bees!!!

Julie LOVED Mike & Niki's Honey

Julie R

Bought a jar of their Star thistle honey, love it!

Paris Espinoza
Mike & Niki's Honey Replied: Why thanks I will tell the worker bees you said so

Mike and Niki are so great! Not only do they are they working to build more colonies of bees, but they are also dedicated to education and giving back. Their honey is superior to anything you will find in the grocery store and I love how the different locations produce different tasting honey. Wonderful products!

Catherine St. Marie

My boyfriend and I went to their honey stand at the market and Niki let us try a honey stick and recommended different types for cooking, allergies, and being sick. She also explained about the different honeys and pollination by the different types of flowers!

Well now I'm sick and trying the honey she recommended for when you get sick and it is absolutely helping my throat. I could not be more grateful for her advice and knowledge when meeting her that day.

Kianna Hersey
Stacy Hagan
Mike & Niki's Honey Replied: we appreciate your 5 stars. It makes the bees smile

Mike & Niki's Honey got a great recommendation by Denis

Denis M

Their honey is like great wine - different varietals for different tastes. And what an excellent w... er... honey it is, too! At least that's the buzz around here.

Avocatstu B
Mike & Niki's Honey Replied: Great for allergies and the dining on it is fabulous. Thanks for beeing a fan!’

Lovely honey in SO many flavors. Their turmeric spice honey glazed over a roasting fish is incredible!

Deirdre McGaffey Schwein
Mike & Niki's Honey Replied: That turmeric is amazing and the fish is a great idea. Thanks for beeing a fan!

So tasty! The pumpkin spice and turmeric honeys are so good on fresh bread.

Jeannie Warner
Mike & Niki's Honey Replied: We love honey, butter and bread too. The spices are my favorite. Thanks for beeing a fan!

They make the best creamed spiced honey ever. I get it to put in my teas, and coffee as well! They have always responded quickly and have answered every question immediately, and also have local honey, which is good for allergies. Great stuff!

John Schmidt
Mike & Niki's Honey Replied: Thanks for beeing a fan. I am very proud of our spice honey.

We received the most beautifully packaged honeys from Mike and Niki's a few months ago - the honeys were fragrant and exactly what we wanted! Getting ready to order again after I made challah with the North Bay Blossoms honey and it was eaten up right away!

Miriam Marlin
Mike & Niki's Honey Replied: We are so happy you enjoyed your gift enough to order more. It inspires us to keep up the hard work of beekeeping.

What a great company. It’s all about the bees

Niki Canotas
Mike & Niki's Honey Replied: thanks

I just got a jar of their Mexican Chocolate Honey and omg it is the most delicious thing ever. I can’t wait to put some on a cookie and in my coffee. Maybe on ice cream. I’m starting to think I should’ve gotten a bigger jar of this. Delicious! Can’t wait for you to release the Garlic Infused Honey.

Christina Hoffman

I purchased the cinnamon honey and omg! It’s so good. I am so happy I found you guys on Facebook so I can buy more on the future.

Sandy Kosek

I never imagined that honey could taste this good! With all of the different flavors they offer there's sure to be something for everyone. Initially when ordering I didn't pay much attention to the exact size of the containers and we couldn't believe how much honey we got. I don't know how you guys do it (and by the way shipping was super fast). This is the PERFECT GIFT to sent to that special someone. Ill definitely be back. Thanks Niki!

Dave DiPaola Austin,Texas

David Di Paola

Amazing honey to bake with. Great flavor for candy making and high temperature boiling. Real great customer service too.

Breanna Bennett Turner

So professional and knowledgeable! Thank you for helping me removing our swarm!! 5 stars!!

Melody Rose Galvan

Their product is terrific! Wonderful
Honey - and they are great about your sampling and helping you find your favorite! Priced reasonably !
Best of all, the connect with community and help local causes with their participation!
Amazing business -
Happy to support!

Claudia Quinn

trying the honey now! mmmmmmm

Ofelia Ferere

Great quality, I love how many varieties they offer! Super yummy. :D

Sandi Skidoo

Amazing honey and equally amazing bee keepers 😉

Ravinder Lal

Amazing local honey! Has been a hit in our gift baskets!

Shawn Parola

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