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I went through the 2 day Restoration class with Annelise and definitely recommend Restoration because it feels soooo complete. The biggest shocker for me is that I am left with a feeling that there is nothing left to do but maintenance. It feels like it really did deal with all, even more than I could imagine needing to do. I was able clean out, clear out, process, let go of all the crap from the past.

In the very beginning I had a big reaction to something that I didn’t feel like I needed to deal with and thought it was put behind me. But it wasn’t obviously. It brought up things that hadn’t really been dealt with yet. Later in the second day, when doing the integration from my whole life, it really completed the process for me. It was like clearing the cob webs. THE spring cleaning. Only it was complete.

There were parts of the process where I didn’t need to know what the stuff was I was clearing and it didn’t matter. I just knew that everything was getting done.

I usually take things so far and don’t finish. I was hand held through the process so I didn’t have a choice. I had to finish because you were there holding me accountable to DO it, leading me through the hole thing. I finally feel like I definitely got it done this time. It feels so much more complete! It was just good, so good!

Thank you for taking me through this 2 day Restoration!

-- Shannon S

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