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We all accumlate undesired emotional baggage during our lifetimes. Some can wear us down physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Wouldn't it be great to be able to drop all that and feel great about yourself! Well, the programs that are offered here give you the tools to do just that! I was so amazed to find a pattern of behaviors I had developed since an event that went back to childhood that just drained away all my self esteem! And in just a couple of days, they no longer held that control. No, it isn't some "feel good" thing that lasts just a few days or months. Once you learn how, it's just simply GONE!

It worked so well and SO FAST on me, I had to continue on and have been trained to be a certified coach for others...and I am hoping to eventually become a trainer for future coaches. That's how remarkable these tools are. Skeptical? You should be. I was. There are too many snake oil salemen out there promising miracles that only end up taking your money and leaving you feeling worse than you started. This isn't one of those.

Let me just share why I think this is true. I read a book called Molecules of Emotions by neuroscientist Dr.Candace Pert, an NIH scientist and publisher in the esteemed scientific journal Science. She discovered a link between memories and emotions at the molecular level. A good example of that is when you remember something that makes you blush... yes, it is a chemical response to an emotion! The nerve cells that store that memory have been programmed to release molecules into the body that tell other cells to do what they do to make you blush. Science also has done extensive research on biofeedback... where you can train the brain to relax or in some cases learn how to work machines just by thinking. It all suggests that if you can program a memory to trigger a negative emotion, you can also reprogram it to NOT do that. The process here seems to do exactly that.

What have you got to lose other than those negative emotions and feelings? This is your chance to recover, rediscover and celebrate a completely new, happy and healthy outlook on life.

-- Richard E

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