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My name is Jessica and I'm from Melbourne Australia, this is my testimonial for Restoration & Soul link AIC training.
I experienced Restoration 2016 with the beautiful Kelli Virtanen after meeting Garry and experiencing a small piece of his work I knew immediately I wanted to learn more as quickly as I could for myself and others.
Restoration was better than I expected. Not being able to look at myself in the mirror without tearing up to walking away with a new confidence and love for myself was life changing. During these two days I was taken through a process that worked on myself on all levels leaving me feeling a peace I had never experienced before. It's hard to find words to describe the experience i had and am still having. My life is a lot calmer and people, situations just don't bother me like they use to.
I knew after Restoration that I wanted to complete the training in Soul Link & AIC with Kelli because I knew that I could change people's lives with this training. The training was 2 days and I walked away with the skills and the knowledge to confidently work with people. I have successfully completed Soul Link on 24 people since August 2018 and have successful taught all three processors to others. People are amazed at how fast it works and the life changing effects it has on them and its content free. This work in my opinion doesn't come close to any other modality that I have trained in. I use Soul Link on a daily basis. This work is truly miraculous and I feel extremely honoured to be sharing this work with the world.🙏

-- Jessica G

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