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"Before Restoration I was feeling stuck and overwhelmed by life, not really sure exactly how to get back to feeling ME again. Through a series of life events, I let my mindset and self care fall to the wayside. Enter Annelise and Restoration. Throughout the course of 2 days, Annelise held the space ... See More


I was nervous. I knew I was going to be vulnerable which I hated. When I was vulnerable it was ok. Deirdre was actually excited about it and called my tears beautiful. Wow! That was huge for me. I was safe. My vulnerability was accepted and encouraged. There is a lighter person walking aroun... See More


"Techniques taught by Annelise Woitulewicz during the Restoration intensive workshop did an amazing job of neutralizing past emotions and feelings associated with bad memories and hurtful situations. Suddenly, I can look back at the traumatic events I focused on during the session which used to evok... See More


After years of therapies, I finally found peace and I love myself. I was able to forgive my mother for the emotional abuse; I could not feel real love for her. Since Restoration, I feel gratitude toward my mother. I also feel warmth when I think of her. I can hold her in my arms and be happy. I can ... See More


Can we really live this way? That was my question when I completed Memory Energy Therapy. I always believed that freedom and wholeness from the pain of the past was a painful process. Memory Energy Therapy was amazing and PAINLESS!! Teresa Cook is a gifted coach and teacher. She is passionate and co... See More


I had a great experience with soullink and restoration. Deidre Catlin did an amazing job in the teaching me how to heal old wounds and memories. I frequently use soul link to eliminate stress and negative emotions that have created despair and depression in the past. I cannot thank you enough for ho... See More


Teresa was amazing to work with. There was such a relief, freedom, peace, and joy I had after leaving her home. I feel empowered in my healing. I feel at rest and not worried.... See More


I took Restoration with Teresa Cook, and it has changed my life! I have had many experiences with therapy and inner healing, but this took my healing to a whole new level! Teresa did an excellent job of explaining the research and answering all of my questions. She also led me through many steps to ... See More


We all accumlate undesired emotional baggage during our lifetimes. Some can wear us down physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Wouldn't it be great to be able to drop all that and feel great about yourself! Well, the programs that are offered here give you the tools to do just that! I was so ... See More


I met Gary Sinclair during a Saturday introduction class about Restoration and Soul Link. I took his Restoration class, Soul Link & Awareness in Counsciousness. I was impressed with the effectiveness of the programs and continued on to take his Certification class. I eagerly look forward to helping ... See More

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