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It's hard to describe how amazing my experience with Memory Energy Therapy has been. The negative energy I had connected to several memories that impacted my life for years is now gone thanks to the Soul Link therapy. Then the deeper energy work I experienced in Restoration, along with the education... See More


I am amazed velia person helped me so much and continues to!! My ptsd was controlled in one visit! I have tried for years! My physical pain is even reducing! I am so happy I found you!


“Restoration Process – I learned about energy which in the past I believed was off limits as opposed to God. Now I understand energy comes from God.
I have come to understand there is a mind-body connection and appreciate the energy connection to Soul Link. I knew the process worked but did... See More


“Walking through the journey of discovering my energy and the power of forgiveness was life changing.
An incredible weight was lifted off my shoulders at the end of this restoration training. I felt light and loved like never before”


Soul Link helped me relieve emotions I had been holding onto for a while and Velia helped me realize it’s not the situation that causes the pain but the emotions that came along with it .
Being able to change those thoughts and emotions will change your perspective on the situation.


I felt some old familiar feelings come around and before I knew it I was soul linking while standing with the people. They had no idea what I was doing and didn’t notice..
I am now beautifully detached and able to just label the truth and move on.
I can now really be free of the negative char... See More


“Thank you Velia for taking the time to include me in the Restoration Process.
You are a caring and thoughtful Coach and your explanations were very easy to understand and to implement.
I see now how I have to take better care of me in order to help others.
This is a continuing lesson whic... See More


The Transformation Program has been a huge blessing.
I was unsure of the entire process at first. However, I trust Velia and I went through the process finding answers to many questions.
One of the best decisions of my life. The process has honestly been life changing for me.

Soul Link hel... See More


So when I was asked to think of the worst moment in my life, It was as if I were to relive it. All the past emotions such as pain and disgust came back. But then as the process got more real I began to notice a change in what I knew and felt. At first I felt a horrible feeling remembering such event... See More


I didn’t know what to expect. But I thought let’s check this out What she did seems to neutralize a negative emotional memory. It worked. That’s all I know


I've been practicing EP, Energy Psychology, for a long time and know many protocols; I'd like to take a minute to say that the trio of Gary Sinclair's protocols are a terrific 1-2-3 punch to the troubling experiences most of us have sustained in life. I saw the ease with which someone was able to l... See More


Gary is an incredible man with access to gifts and talents that are undeniable. I was able within a few short days to learn a non invasive technique to heal any traumatic memory while retaining the valuable lessons. Basically all the data without the emotional charge. Just amazing. Can't recommend t... See More


It was a wonderful experience to work with coach Richard Efthim. Richard was a steady, guiding hand during the two day process. I felt safe with his coaching and felt his insight and guidance to be relaxing and nurturing. I felt unburdened and lighter after experiencing the process. It was as if... See More


It was clear to me from our introduction that Richard truly has a passion and love for his work along with a genuine desire to help people regain a sense of balance in their lives. Richard is an incredibly kind and compassionate person and he created a very safe space for me to feel at ease working ... See More


“Last weekend was such an amazing time!
Before attending Restoration, I never knew how much my past was hindering me. It is an unexplainable experience. That kept me in Ah… the whole time. I feel so different, it is like I could be me now. Anyone and everyone that needs restoration should defin... See More


"Working with Velia Person is the best thing that I have ever done. She has helped with many of my problems that I have faced and she continues to amaze me. The hand technique that she showed me helped with any emotional issues and it took away those feelings like they were never there. Overall she ... See More


The Restoration program I went through with Velia was amazing. I believe our meeting was a Devine appointment. I was in the right place to receive the blessing of this healing and restoration. I had been hit with many negative circumstances and losses that had taken its toll on me, physically, emoti... See More


I went through the 2 day Restoration class with Annelise and definitely recommend Restoration because it feels soooo complete. The biggest shocker for me is that I am left with a feeling that there is nothing left to do but maintenance. It feels like it really did deal with all, even more than I c... See More


I have had a series of life events that left me very depressed and so depleted that I could barely function. I did the restoration seminar with Jan Klos, a life coach in the Atlanta area. I am a renewed person. I now have techniques to help myself plus I have ongoing loving support.


Anyways.... here's the message... "The Restoration Program has changed my life. In fact, it's been a game changer too; the way I choose to play and participate in our world. It has challenged my beliefs and perceptions about healing potential, and for the first time in this life, given me a very cle... See More


My name is Jessica and I'm from Melbourne Australia, this is my testimonial for Restoration & Soul link AIC training.
I experienced Restoration 2016 with the beautiful Kelli Virtanen after meeting Garry and experiencing a small piece of his work I knew immediately I wanted to learn more as quickly ... See More


I have been sharing with friends, and giving them your info and business cards.

Life changing is putting it mildly. Paradigm shift works but it’s such a cliche now.

I feel like something has been removed from between my shoulder blades and below the back of my head. I feel lighter.
... See More


In just one session I stopped the memory I wanted to block and came to find out that several other bad memories are gone or they have no sick feelings that use to be associated with them. Great job Lorri and thank you so much. I hope others will take advantage of this opportunity.....


I was talking to a friend about how I felt stuck in my life,I felt I was held back by my past,I felt unhealed issues from my childhood were determining the life I was leading,I didn't know my purpose and I was living my life how I thought everyone else thought I should be living it. My friend sugges... See More


Restoration for me bought up so many that i was holding onto, which i wasnt aware of. The Restoration Course cannot be explained to anyone. Its something that you have to experience. Its amazing.


Doing Restoration completely changed my outlook on life. With letting go of all that no longer served me I was able to step in to a new paradigm where anything is possible. Thank you Gary and Kelli. Such amazing work.


I used Soul Link on my worst memory (10), one I've had for over 40 years. It reduced to a 6, I forgave the person I needed to. On the next round of Soul Link, it was neutralized. I know the event happened but now I don't remember the details and the charge or emotion of it no longer exists.


I am extremely grateful to have found Restoration and Soul Link . Thank you for sharing the gifts and strategies to transform myself into a higher more loving vibration. I am now able to forgive, release, and empower, with lasting results. My life has changed forever.
Thank you to Memory energ... See More


Restoration has changed my life. It completely cleared any trauma or negative memories of my journey, even the things I had blocked out. This work is beautiful gentle and amazingly strong. Best of all it’s content free.
Since taking restoration I then followed through to become a restoration pra... See More


Everyday for 11 years I would cry over an event until Annelise shared Soul Link with me. I tried to think about it after, and I would start to choke up and then boom, it went right away. It has now been several weeks and the memory is no longer a problem. I am not even sure what to say. It’s ... See More

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