Melissa Radke

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1705-A Feagin Drive
PMB #216
Lufkin, TX 75904
United States

gave Melissa Radke 5 stars


I love Melissa Radke! This 6 week course has truly made a difference in my life. Don't get me wrong, things are not perfect in my life, but through Melissa, my perspective has changed. It has made such a tremendous difference. She has such an encouraging way about her and her happiness and "realness" is contagious! It may sound wierd, but she makes being a Christian seem effortless. That has not been my experience as a Christian. I've always felt that as a Christian there is no wiggle room, but Melissa has shown me a different more relaxed path to being a Christian. I love how real and relateable she is, as a Christian. She is not perfect. She says bad words. She does not lead the perfect life. She has struggles. She has demons. JUST LIKE THE REST OF US!!! But she is open and honest and real about it, which makes all the difference in the world. She is a breath of fresh air in this crazy life we live. Thank you Melissa Radke for being you and for sharing your light with us.

-- Kelly P

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