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Melissa is AMAZING!!! She TRULY cares and wants to help guide you to a relationship with God, a better relationship with yourself and with others, and introduce you to other people who want/need the same thing you do. I wasn't raised in the church but have known for some time that I wanted a better relationship with God and to love myself more, Melissa has helped put me on the road to just that. She has explained some of the meanings of some things in the Bible ( I had never read it until her class) and made it a LOT less confusing and she has helped me identify, own up to, and start to deal with some of the things and reasons why I struggle with loving myself, which has also improved the relationships with the ones I love and the people in my every day life. Melissa has helped me open my eyes and my heart to so much that I was afraid to look at or explore before by guiding me with steps that I probably would have paid thousands to get in therapy. Now, I am by no means saying that it was an easy journey, but it was a very healing 6 weeks of guidance and love. She makes it interesting to learn and she knows when to be serious and when to be funny (and this woman is HILARIOUS!), and she knows how to cry with you and she will definitely pray with/for you. Another thing that I love about her is that if you aren't a very religious person, which I am not (I'm still exploring my relationship with God), she DOES NOT shove the religion down your throat, you can take as much or as little of it as you want. She understands that everyone is in a different place with God and that everyone may not have the same relationship with God that she does, or even worship the same God that she does.....and that's OK with her! I think her purpose is to get you love yourself first, to deal with some of "the suck" in your life in a positive/healing way, and to just build people up.....and if you find God or come to have a better relationship with him along the way, well that's great too! This woman has helped me in more ways than she probably ever thought was possible, with my heart, with my confidence in myself, in my relationships with others, and in my relationship with God....and I've NEVER actually met the woman, but I feel like I know her pretty well and like I could sit in a room with her the first time I met her in person and have a real conversation with her like I would a very good friend (and laugh my butt off too)! I LOVE that she doesn't preach to you like you're at church, that in her videos it feels like you're sitting with her and having a conversation, that everything she talks about is relative to real life, and I LOVE that she is REAL and she doesn't sugarcoat things, she just tells it like it is! This is THE BEST Bible study, life class, self-improvement course, whatever you want to call it, that I have EVER taken, and I'm REALLY hoping that she offers more in the future. THANK YOU MELISSA!!! I'm so glad that I stumbled across you on Facebook, you have no idea how much you've helped me! ❤❤❤❤

-- Casie C

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