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Melissa and AG, I signed up for this because I was sick and tired of living with self esteem issues and depression. I wanted to get healing and tools to help me move on and let joy return to my life again. I came away with so much more! The first couple of heart works were extremely hard, and honestly I didn't want to go there. I didn't want to dig up those roots...WHY couldn't I just leave them in the ground buried? LOL Well, because even though they were buried, they were running my life. :( I thank the Lord, He sent me to this study and I thank you Melissa and Attorney General, for all you've done for all of us! I'd like to share something that happened just yesterday with you all. I currently homeschool and we've been praying about sending Aubree to this particular school but we couldn't afford the tuition. Well, we prayed and prayed and are even trying to move to a cheaper apartment and to be closer to the school, to save on gas money as they don't provide transportation...anywho, yesterday was the last day of school and year end get together and open house. We get there and the teacher is showing my husband around and then tells us privately that someone emailed the school and wants to sponsor Aubree for the year!!! I thank God the wall was there, because I just leaned up against it and started to cry. How awesome and amazing is that?! Aubree's tuition will be covered for this coming school year! Now we can just concentrate on moving and not worry about coming up with all of that money for tuition. I remember clearly praying "Lord, we want Aubree to attend this school, but if she's meant to go there, you are going to have to come through somehow, someway with the tuition because you know our situation and you know we can not afford this." Amazing, amazing, amazing how wonderful God is!!!! Thanks for letting me share. :)

-- Laurie C

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