Melissa Radke

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It was really hard for me to pray, change my why into what, and focus on my positivity in my life within the Facebook group. It was a place for people to come together, share their hurt and their grief and find solice and support in each other and to help each other. I get that and respect that. It worked in reverse for me. Everyone's grief just brought me down even farther. It was like watching the news for me, "Good Lord nothing but bad going on in the world" type of feeling. My plan became to watch your videos and your lives and study without the group. Then my kids got lice 😭 Now I'm behind. I hope that I get to have continued access to the videos to get caught up after next week closes. I enjoy taking it week by week. It gives me a full week to practice my new mind set .... LOVE YOU .... ❤️

-- Wynona G

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