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Melissa and David
First, I want to say…. ya’ll have changed my life!! Many people have tried to help me but all (except my hubby…but he is a man and he doesn’t always get it) have failed!! I just needed a tough beautiful blonde Texan to show me the way!!! I knew the class would be hard but I really worked hard on my heart work, watching the videos, having a bonfire and the Facebook posts and live chats. And it worked!!

I have never been or have played a victim and I have always called a Spade a Spade! I have always turned to anger to protect myself and I’m changing that. I have a good heart but oh Lord this mouth!! ;)

The videos were amazing and the heart work was just what I needed!!! The heart work MADE me deal with my past and truly LOOK AT MYSELF!! Which is a very hard thing to do when you’re a PERFECT GIGI!!  I have changed the way I talk to myself….and I’m asking God WHAT CAN I DO!!! I love it!!! Palms up!!
I liked that the videos were an hour or so long…. I love listening to you!! People can watch it in 10, 15 or 30 minute sections! Just hit pause or take note at where they were and re-start. Just a cute blonde Redneck opinion. I will watch them any way you send them out!!

The website needs to have where you will be speaking …. Date, Name of the place, time and address!! Girl, I would drive a 1000 Texas miles to see you in person!! I want to give you a big hug!! I think you need to do a This Sucks…but God is Good Meet & Greet tour!!! Come to Austin first….my idea so I get to see you first!! LOL

On Wednesday of Week 6…I witnessed a miracle, my 23-year-old son was in a head-on collision and his truck flipped over in a ditch. The good Lord protected my baby!! He only suffered a sprained wrist and was sore!! I truly felt the Lord was with us when we were at the accident site!! And on the side of the road…we were praising the Lord!! Palms UP!!!

The world is so blessed to have you and David! I pray for ya’ll every day! And girlfriend I will help keep the lights on!!! I liked the season pass idea!!!

God bless ya’ll!!

Thank you!
Becky Park

-- Becky P

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