Melissa Radke

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1705-A Feagin Drive
PMB #216
Lufkin, TX 75904

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Melissa came into my life unexpectedly through watching the red ribbon week video, and I knew I needed to follow this woman. After following her for months following I quickly realised she was a Christian and had a heart of gold wanting to reach others using her testimony of pain and victory. It was then she started sharing an upcoming 6 week course. It wasn’t in a time in my life I need help but I thought being in ministry she may be able to share something I could use to minister to others. Once the course started I was immediately taken back by how she spoke to my core. What I thought was for others was exactly what I needed and more. I still have many of my family I’m praying will one day listen to her words of wisdom but as she says many times if you’re not ready thats ok. To take this you have to be ready to your heart in hell. She has taught me how to love those who are hurting. She has taught me to be brave through the storm. I wear my This sucks...but God is Good from time to time just because sometimes life just sucks....But our God is so good. Melissa’s course will change your life, I know it has changed mine. #metoo #bethebase #socialsquad #thissucks #GODisGOOD #journaling #whyintowhat #6weeks #lifechanging

-- Tricia H

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