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I was in a pit of ugh! I couldn’t really explain it to any of my friends or family mainly because it wasn’t technically my issues to “fix” but something that was going on in the life of my youngest child that i couldn’t mommy “fix” so i wallered in this pit of God why are you doing this and fussing and tossing along until u made everything in my life miserable. So in my brainless time of Facebook i found a video of this crazy funny lady trying to attempt an updo & laughed hysterical! I hadn’t laughed like that in a while. So i stalked her on the Internet-liked all her stuff and watched everything she had already posted. There was something real about this woman! I felt like i could tell her everything that was going on and i would feel Grace! Encouragement! And even better i could laugh along the pain! That’s why I saw the T-shirt “This sucks...but God is good” so i bought one! Then got an email about the online Facebook group and study and i immediately signed up! It literally felt like someone throwing me a life preserver out in a pitiful dark sea and rescued my spirit!! But not just the rescuing!! This brought me joy and laughter and unconditional community that i needed to support me along the journey of staying out of the pits of life. Because we all know life can knock you down and sometimes life can keep knocking you until you feel helpless so you give up and stay in a pit. I am forever grateful i got out of that!! That i have the tools needed to not go back in it as well! This by far was the best study i have ever done and trust me i have signed up for everything! This one spoke to me on a level that was encouraging and inspiring and full of laughter after the tears of releasing the pains that got you in the dark place in the first place. Love Love Love it and can’t brag enough about how awesome Melissa and her team are!

-- Patti K

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