Melissa Radke

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1705-A Feagin Drive
PMB #216
Lufkin, TX 75904
United States

gave Melissa Radke 5 stars


I adore Melissa! This course was great for me. I was honestly, kinda on the other side of a really dark point in my life and it just helped me to keep pushing forward and to realize how far I've come. If you are in a dark season of life, maybe you can see the forest because of the trees or you just don't see any hope in your situation - Melissa will help guide you to the Light at the end of the tunnel. She will give you practical tools for how to move forward and she won't diminish your feelings. She is very open and vulnerable throughout this and it really helps you see that 1. you're not the only one who has seen some really dark places and 2. that there is a promise of hope through this. I'd highly recommend it!! We had girls in our group who had adult children problems, painful divorces, close loss, infertility, and much more. Pain is real and it is inevitable. If you're not in that season now - you will be! This helps grow your "tool kit for life's hardest seasons!"

-- Summer A

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